Welcome to The Awty International School

Founded in 1956, Awty is Houston’s premier international school. We offer students a rigorous path to graduating with either the International Baccalaureate or the French Baccalauréat, and are the only school in Houston accredited by the French Ministry of Education. Beginning with three year olds, our program combines high academic standards with a kind and friendly atmosphere celebrating cultural, national, and linguistic diversity.

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This year, six Awty students including Ziana Ukani (9th grade), Alejandro Vega (10), Angela Chen (10), Nicolas Feder (11), Blessing Utomi (12), and Mariana Quezada (12) participated in the 30th National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference and the Student Diversity Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California from November 29 to December 1. They were accompanied by faculty members Mrs. Rosado (English Dept.) and Ms. Schumacher (History/Economics Dept.).
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Eleventh grade student Lucia Wu was invited to create a mural at the 12th annual Houston Via Colori Street Festival. The following students spent many hours helping Lucia complete her 4 x 4 foot design of Elpis, Hope After HarveyGulara Alaskarova, Ynes Kang, George Kapitan, Sophia Pivnik, Blessing Utomi, Danielle Zabaneh, and Elissar Zabaneh. Congratulations to the participants in the festival. 
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Sixteen students in the International section including Doreen Cai (11th grade), Jiaxi (Angela) Chen (10), Megan Dunkin (11), Adam Fields (9), Alejandra Gerlach (11), Aliya Gosdin (11), Eric Hall (11), Jeremy Jason (11), Daniella Jimenez (11), Joe Li (10), Jim Ma (9), Adriana Morales (11), Sophia Gai Pivnik (11), Ashlyn Yanxiu Tu (10), Vivian Wu (9), and Jaden Wu (9) all participated in the 16th Annual Greater Houston Chinese Speech Contest.
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Houston’s most diverse faculty and student body. Awty prepares students to live, work, and lead anywhere in the world.

We believe all students thrive best in a culture of vibrant diversity. We value every member of our community and celebrate many traditions, which helps us guide our students in becoming responsible world citizens. Our commitment to learning about and respecting one another's diversity brings distinct richness to students, alumni, employees, parents and our community.

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Unparalleled language immersion program leading to 2nd and 3rd language fluency.

All of our students, regardless of the grade of entry, study multiple languages, whether through our immersion programs in French and Spanish at the Early Learning level, continuing intensive language study in Lower School, or through our numerous offerings—Arabic, Dutch, English, Farsi, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Russian—in Middle School and Upper School.

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100% of Awty students progress towards an International Baccalaureate or French Baccalauréat diploma.

Awty students outperform world averages with a 100% pass rate on the International Baccalaureate and a 100% pass rate on the French Baccalauréat. Our students are prepared for success at colleges and universities around the world.

Meet some of our students and let them tell you what they love about Awty.

Our students are worldly, confident, innovative, inquisitive, articulate, thoughtful, kind, considerate, and joyful… just to name a few! We love to talk about our students but we will let them tell you what they like about Awty.

Phoebe and Marley, PK4


Phoebe: “I love playing at the playground.”
Marley: "I love everything about Awty."

Mac, 7th Grade


"I really like how each of the teachers really want you to be successful. They help you find a way to learn that makes sense to you. I know they care."

Gerardo, CE1


"I love Awty because the teachers are so nice and encouraging. Another reason I love Awty is because they have clean and organized classrooms. I also love the events that Awty does. I think Awty has a cool playground. Finally, I love Awty because I have learned three languages: French, English, and Spanish."

Danae, Terminale


"As an international person who has moved around a lot, I love the sense of community and openness to every culture that Awty has. Awty can be a home for everyone."

Zade, 7th Grade


"I love Awty's advanced curriculum and I enjoy meeting fellow students from different cultures and nationalities."

Sarah, 9th Grade


"I feel like I'm accepted for who I am and there's not any pressure to change. Everybody is accepted for who they are, not because of their interests, wealth, ethnicity, or looks. Differences are welcomed!"

An International School for an International City

Designated America’s most diverse city, Houston welcomes thousands of new residents from across the globe each year. Awty is a key participant in attracting global citizens from around the corner and around the world.