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Lower School Spelling Bee Winners
Lower School Spelling Bee Winners

Students in 4th grade/CM1 and 5th grade/CM2 competed in the annual Lower School Spelling Bee on Tuesday, December 5, 2017. In 5th grade/CM2, the winner was Finnian Helman and the runner-up was Parisian Inizan. Finnian won by correctly spelling staccato.

In 4th grade/CM1, the winner was Mark Lowe and the runner-up was Adela Nicolae. Mark won by correctly spelling homonym.

These students will represent the Lower School when they compete in the Middle School Spelling Bee on Thursday, January 4 at 1:00 p.m. Congratulations to all four students!

Other News

Seven students in the French section including Nolan Causer, Eduardo Dagnino, Louis Duchemin, Nathalie Jeanneret, Neelam Monroy, Joshua Santurbano, and Apolline Taxy all received Honorable Mention prizes at the 16th Annual Greater Houston Chinese Speech Contest.