Student Ambassadors

The Awty Student Ambassadors provide a welcoming and friendly introduction to The Awty International School to prospective students and their families, as well as to other external constituencies. These students authentically represent the school – its academic, extra-curricular, and social aspects – from the student perspective. Student Ambassadors lead tours, participate in Awty’s Open House and shadow visits, and help to train next year’s ambassadors.

The Student Ambassador Program is open to all students in 10th grade/2nde through 12th grade/ Terminale who were eligible for CIVITAS* in May of the previous academic year. It is fundamental that our Awty Student Ambassadors are students in good standing, engaged in their education, involved in the school community, and respected by their peers and the faculty. They model the school’s values and are representative of the school’s vision and mission as friendly students who enjoy interacting with people. Ambassadors must be responsible and dependable, and willing to make a commitment to the important role they play in the admissions process for prospective families.

*CIVITAS: Each term, students receive grades on a scale of one (poor) to ten (excellent) in each subject. The purpose of Civitas recognition is to honor students for exemplary effort and conduct as they complete their academic responsibilities; however Civitas grades are not directly related to scores for academic achievement. Students with consistently high Civitas results participate in a ceremony at the end of the year and receive top awards from the Head of School.

Meet our Student Ambassadors

Anna Abounohra

Rohil Bathija

Anahita Bordoloi

Erkan Bozkurt

Blanca Burgaleta

Cecilia Burns

Doreen Cai

Thomas Capderou

Anastasia Chajecki

Maria Florencia Codesal

Vera Conrad

Stella Coulom

Eloise Cowan

Suria Crabtree

Ophelie de Maisonneuve

Ashling Devins

Bani Dhother

Leila El Masri

Nico Feder

Matthew Feder

Brooke Foster

Sandra Georges

Eleanor Grosvenor

Xiao (Ivy) He

Nathalie Jeanneret

Daniella Jimenez

Adnan Lateef

Carmen Lechin

Mathilde Leveque

Alex Lloyd

Lucia (Min) Wu

Julia Magaud

Carol Mai

Anna Malygin

Ivan Mangal

Sarah Mekha

Camille Olinger

Edoardo Palazzi

Pranay Palvadi

Zoe Papadakos

Danae Penichet

Katherine Quezada

Sherwin Rasekh

Shahrzad Rasekh

Sophie Sanati

Vivek Saran

Margaret Schroeder

Noor Shenaq

Jessica Sidney

Blessing Utomi

Alexandra Wolff

Maria Zaharatos

Alejandro Ayala