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Virtual Art Exhibition

Our 12th grade IB and Terminale art students have been hard at work creating pieces for their final art show. Their work would have been on display at the annual Art Open House in March, but instead we hope you will enjoy this Virtual Art Exhibition. Please feel free to peruse the online gallery and share your impressions, questions, and/or comments. #AwtyProud #awtytalentshinesbright #Awty1920 #bravo

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Earth Day

Awty would like to recognize gardeners and encourage everyone to plant something during Earth Day on April 22! Click here to share a picture, collage or video of your seedling, plant, or victory garden at any level. Please put your name in the file. Awty will share them on social media during Earth Day and throughout the week. Please contact Olivier Logette if you have any questions. 

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Tomorrow (Wednesday, March 25) is Fine Arts Day at Awty!

We ask all Awty teachers, staff, and students to help us celebrate Fine Arts Day on Wednesday, March 25, by wearing an "art-themed" shirt – a treasured souvenir T-shirt from a memorable concert or play, one with a design that shows your wild side, or perhaps even one you made yourself. Set your inner artist free and show us by taking a selfie! Either post it on Facebook/Twitter or send it to Awty’s Director of Communications by 5:00 p.m. on March 25. If you post the selfie on Facebook/Twitter, make sure your post is set to public, tag Awty in your post, and use the hashtags: #awtyramslovefinearts and #celebratingfineartsday. Thanks for supporting the Arts at Awty!

Nous demandons à tous les enseignants, le personnel et les élèves d'Awty de nous aider à célébrer la Journée des beaux-arts le mercredi 25 mars en portant un t-shirt "à thème artistique" - un t-shirt souvenir d'un concert ou d'une pièce de théâtre mémorable, un t-shirt avec un dessin qui montre votre côté sauvage, ou peut-être même un t-shirt que vous avez fait vous-même. Libérez l'artiste qui est en vous et montrez-nous ce que vous savez faire en prenant un selfie! Postez le sur Facebook/Twitter ou envoyez-le à la directrice de communication d'Awty avant le 25 mars à 17 heures. Si vous publiez le selfie sur Facebook/Twitter, assurez-vous que votre message soit public, marquez Awty dans votre message et utilisez les hashtags : #awtyramslovefinearts et #celebratingfineartsday. Merci de soutenir les beaux-arts à Awty !

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