Guest Speaker: Mr. Sam Mihara

Today, we are honored to host Mr. Sam Mihara, a living testament to resilience and courage, as a guest speaker for our 9th grade/3ème and 10th grade/2nde classes.

Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, Mr. Mihara, a second-generation Japanese American, faced unimaginable challenges when World War II erupted. Shortly after the Pearl Harbor attack, the United States government using armed military guards forced Sam, age 9, and his family to move to the Heart Mountain, Wyoming prison camp. Their experience was shared by over 120,000 West Coast residents of Japanese ancestry, the majority being U.S.-born American citizens. For three years, they endured the confines of a single 20 x 20 square foot room, a stark reality of the injustice they faced. Today, Mr. Mihara shared with our students his poignant firsthand account of this dark, often overlooked, chapter in history.

His testimony serves as a reminder of the importance of historical perspective and the profound impact of laws on shaping the course of events. As our students delve into these critical themes in our curriculum, Mr. Mihara's insights offer invaluable context and depth, bridging the past with our present realities.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Mr. Mihara for his unwavering commitment to preserving history and inspiring future generations with his remarkable resilience and wisdom.

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