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Last spring, Awty's Sustainability Program Director Olivier Logette and STEAM Program Director Robert Sload partnered with Green Mountain Energy Sun Club to create a unique sustainability project that affects the entire Awty Community. The “Container Project” converts two 20’ shipping containers into fully functional growing facilities/laboratories.

Delivered during fall break, the hydroponics container is a ready-made, state-of-the-art hydroponics laboratory. The environmental controls ensure that optimal light, temperature, and nutrients maximize plant growth. The aquaponics container, currently under construction, is essentially a fish farm. Students in our newly created aquaponics/ hydroponics elective were actively involved with the design and flow modelling phases of the project.

The new solar array located on the PAAC roof powers both containers, giving the project a net zero energy footprint. While primarily a learning center, the vegetables and fish harvested from the project will serve as locally sourced ingredients for the dining halls on campus.

We have waited to announce the project until we had tangible elements to share with the community. Look for the containers between the PAAC and the Lower School. Please stay tuned for further updates as the project develops.

CLICK HERE to view the drone video.

Awty is excited to present Homecoming 2019! It's a week of celebrating Awty, uniting the community and showcasing our Ram Pride. Each day of Homecoming there will be special events and activities on campus. Make sure to mark your calendars for November 11-16, 2019 and join us for the Homecoming Soccer Games on the evening of November 15.

This past spring, Awty partnered with Houston First and Zenfilm to create a promotional video for the City of Houston. This video, which will be showcased throughout the U.S. around the world, features 13 Awty students/families.