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Last week, IB coordinators and Math teachers from six IB schools in the greater Houston area gathered at Awty for a Meet & Greet. Being a part of the IB community is unique and brings professionals from both public and private schools together. One of the most valuable resources for educators is one another. Sharing experiences and best practices among colleagues is not only stimulating, but it also provides important insights and boosts competence. The Meet & Greet was positively received by all colleagues, and we look forward to a follow-up meeting in the spring!

Awty Parents: we want to help you lower your carbon footprint and help the morning traffic. We have created a closed carpool group just for you.

This past spring, Awty partnered with Houston First and Zenfilm to create a promotional video for the City of Houston. This video, which will be showcased throughout the U.S. around the world, features 13 Awty students/families.