Houston’s Premier PK3 – 12th Grade International Day School

Strategic Vision

Awty's Strategic Vision consists of three goals:

  1. Be one school, richly international, more fully bilingual, yet still culminating in the French Baccalauréat or International Baccalaureate;
  2. Secure the facilities and the space needed to support our students, teachers, and programs; and
  3. Study Houston’s demographics to assist us in determining coming needs for Awty as the leading school that makes an international life possible in our city.

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Goal 1

Be one school, richly international, more fully bilingual, still culminating in the French Bac or IB


  • One School task force was created to lead the study and discussion of options. Defined our model as a one trunk, two branches, culminating in the French Bac or IB, with language immersion opportunities throughout.
  • Outside experts were brought in, and task force members visited other schools throughout North America that have effective models.
  • Preschool faculty made the commitment to launch the One School model in ’15-16.
  • Six classrooms selected to implement pilot program of language immersion in Lower School in ’15-16.

YEAR II (2015-2016) GOALS:

  • Implement the One School model in the Preschool – blended curriculum taught via immersion in English and French or English and Spanish.
  • Implement and rigorously evaluate a pilot program of adding language immersion assistants in 6 classrooms in the Lower School to determine if this is the best approach for language immersion at Awty.
  • Devote faculty professional days to discussion and analysis of how all subjects are taught in grades 1-12, and how to achieve harmonization of content and language immersion. Utilize this study to increase internal understanding and connection among Awty’s faculty.
  • Create social and extracurricular opportunities for more One School harmony.
  • Seek to develop common understanding and common language among faculty regarding social and emotional development.
  • By March ’16, set implementation schedules and plans so we can begin significant implementation in grades 1-12 in 2016-2017.

Goal 2

Secure the facilities and the space needed to support our students, teachers and programs


  • Implemented all recommendations from capital campaign feasibility study regarding communication and campaign preparation.
  • Continued quiet fundraising and allocation of reserves for the next construction project.
  • Seized the opportunity to purchase the 1110 North Post Oak (NPO) Road property,
  • Conducted a thorough review of Campus Master Plan and presented an amended Plan that was adopted by the Board of Trustees calling for construction of Early Learners Center at 1110 NPO.

YEAR II (2015-2016) GOALS:

  • Move forward with an intent to open our Early Childhood Campus at 1110 NPO in August 2017 by securing all necessary studies and permits
  • Fundraise for Early Learners Center and Student Center projects toward goal of $25 million

Goal 3

Study Houston’s demographics to assist us in determining coming needs for Awty as the leading school that makes an international life possible in our city.


  • Engaged the expertise of the Kinder Institute and two Capstone teams from Rice University’s School of Business to study Houston demographics and the opportunities and challenges that they present.
  • Developed corporate relations plan for engaging wider and deeper corporate support through advancement and admissions functions.
  • Consulted with French Consulate and the Mission Laique Francais about projected French populations in Houston and the related need for French Ministry-accredited education.
  • Considered but made no decisions about increasing enrollment, building a second campus, or creating a French school.

YEAR II (2015-2016) GOALS:

  • Increase general awareness and appreciation of Awty’s delivery of excellence in international education, particularly among business and community leaders
  • Increase financial support of Awty by corporations, foundations and individuals committed to Houston’s global future but not otherwise currently supporting Awty.
  • Increase the quantity of qualified admissions applicants in alignment with Awty’s programs and values.


1. Examine the Capstone Team recommendations and implement ones evaluated by the Board to be worthy:

  • Marketing/positioning
  • Tuition positioning
  • Cosmetic facility issues, especially the view of the lower school building from I-10
  • Enrollment review in light of new facilties coming online, upcoming actions of other schools, SWOT analysis

2. Strengthen relationships with our corporate legacy partners, starting with improved two-way communications regarding our admissions timetables and their employee relocation plans and assisting them with referrals to other schools as appropriate.

3. Convene a task force of Trustees , parents and alumni in the marketing professions to assist in developing a strategic marketing strategy. The task force will do the following

4. Research options and commence memberships in Greater Houston Partnership, Women’s Chamber of Commerce and other leadership organizations and develop our presence in them

5. Develop the corporate International Leadership Council as a key element of strategic marketing globally.