Awty Student Profiles

We asked our students how they would describe Awty and their experience here!


Danae, Terminale


"As an international person who has moved around a lot, I love the sense of community and openness to every culture that Awty has. Awty can be a home for everyone."


Lucia, 11th Grade


"The diversity of Awty inspires me by giving me multiple views of the whole world. My friends offer me the opportunity to learn about various cultures and traditions."


Leila, 12th Grade


"I love that Awty has allowed me to pursue my love for languages, while also providing me with a sense of community in the student body where I am continually supported by my peers and teachers."


Daniella, 11th Grade

Colombia/Costa Rica

"I love Awty because of the acceptance towards diversity that it offers. Growing up around people from diverse cultures has provided me with an experience that far surpasses what any sole academic program could offer."


Blessing, 12th Grade


"I love the stories students tell at Awty. They come and tell of their adventures and experiences from all around the globe and you can't help but be fascinated and simply intrigued by them!"


Sarah, 9th Grade


"I feel like I'm accepted for who I am and there's not any pressure to change. Everybody is accepted for who they are, not because of their interests, wealth, ethnicity, or looks. Differences are welcomed!"


Zade, 7th Grade


"I love Awty's advanced curriculum and I enjoy meeting fellow students from different cultures and nationalities."


Mac, 7th Grade


"I really like how each of the teachers really want you to be successful. They help you find a way to learn that makes sense to you. I know they care."


Blair, 3rd Grade


"My favorite thing about Awty is how there are so many unique people from different countries and how you get a chance to learn about what their culture is like by spending time with them."

Marley and Phoebe

Marley and Phoebe, PK4


Marley says – "I love playing at the playground!"

Phoebe says – "I love everything about Awty!"


Gerardo, CE1


"I love Awty because the teachers are so nice and encouraging. Another reason I love Awty is because they have clean and organized classrooms. I also love the events that Awty does. I think Awty has a cool playground. Finally, I love Awty because I have learned three languages: French, English, and Spanish."


Dean, CP


"I like Awty and speaking French because my teachers are very nice. We do a lot of work and fun stuff, too. We get cool snacks like bananas and goldfish. I love recess because I get to play with friends and I'm the fastest guy on Earth. I'm faster than lightning."


Adelyn, 1st Grade


"What I love best about Awty is all of the different ways we learn things.  We do projects and experiments and sing and dance.  We have so much fun while we learn!"