Welcome to The Awty International School!

We are a diverse community of students and teachers, hailing from some 50 nations as well as from our local Houston environs. Our school spans Pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade. In the culminating grades, our students pursue either the French Baccalauréat or the International Baccalaureate. You can find all the information about Awty here on our website, but what is harder to feel via a site search is the distinctive spirit that pervades the Awty experience.

We have the warmth and feel of a small school, but the opportunities, excitement, and diversity of a large school. We support the development of world citizens; intellectual life and academic excellence are very important to us, but character development is equally so. Awty alumni live lives of significance and integrity.

Awty matters to Houston. Our city is a world-class, international, and incredibly diverse place. Awty makes a huge contribution to Houston; major corporations and medical centers count on our world class international school to support the families of the professionals they bring to Houston. The diversity of students, families, faculty, and staff associated with Awty means that our students engage every day in the rich and global world that already exists. It prepares them for the international world they will one day inherit and lead, but we don’t wait for that future. We believe it is here now.

It is often said there is more to learn at Awty. Of course, we have top notch and challenging academics leading to two of the premier high school diplomas recognized throughout the world, but more, our engagement in a complex, multi-ethnic, multi-national world makes this academic challenge only a part of the learning that occurs every day.

Last spring, the COVID-19 response imposed huge challenges on Houston and the world. We completed our school year remotely, highlighting the strength and agility of our teachers and students to adapt to new environments. We are planning now for safe and healthy conditions which  will allow us to gather again on campus in August. The resilience, expertise, and adaptability of our Awty community will surely demonstrate our school to be the most reliable, accomplished, and connected place to continue education in uncertain times.

We hope you will come to know us—as Houston's premier international school offering the IB diploma and the only French program in Houston fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education, as the longest standing leader in International Education offering the largest array of language programs, as a terrific work environment, and as the extraordinary school we are. Thanks for taking the first step by perusing our website. We hope to see you on campus one day soon!

With warm regards,

Lisa A. H. Darling
Head of School

Purpose Statement

To inspire learners through academic excellence, cultural diversity, and multilingual fluency for a life of global impact.

School Vision

A world-class international school, on a welcoming campus, with a unique school spirit, which challenges and inspires all of our students to achieve their ultimate potential.

School Mission

The Awty International School provides a challenging education, leading to either the International Baccalaureate or the French Baccalauréat.

Within a friendly and nurturing environment, which encourages learning and the pursuit of excellence, Awty celebrates linguistic, cultural and international diversity and seeks to maximize the potential in all of our students as they grow to become responsible world citizens.