Awty: An International School for an International City

The ideals established by Mrs. Kay Awty upon her inception of the school are still reflected in the philosophy of our educators today: to establish a supportive, student-centered environment where students can reach their full potential, enriched by diversity across the campus.

To that end, Awty offers rigorous courses based on the curricula of the International Baccalaureate and French Baccalauréat programs. Each program provides an excellent framework for teaching and learning. As a school committed to incorporating the most valuable educational practices, Awty is continually finding ways to have the best of each program benefit all students at all grades.

Dual language immersion opportunities are increasing across the grades so students at all levels can complete their courses in a combination of English, French, or Spanish. Students also have the opportunity to study a third language in Middle School and Upper School.

Our international and diverse community of students and teachers from over 50 countries offers innumerable multicultural encounters and daily lessons in cultural awareness. Our faculty is highly qualified, with a majority holding advanced degrees, and they bring a wealth of global experience to the classroom. This further enriches the competence of our students as they prepare to embark on their journey in our ever-changing world.

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