Social-Emotional Learning and Character Education

Awty's Social-Emotional Learning program is designed to empower our students with skills, strategies, and resources to meet the challenges of life with resilience, solve social problems skillfully, and make meaningful contributions as global citizens of strong character. Research-informed lessons are designed in harmony with the French Program cycle standards and in alignment with the CASEL social and emotional learning competencies, the Partnership for 21st Century Learning themes and skills, and the International School Counseling Association standards and competencies. Please contact the School Counselor for your child(ren)'s Division Level with questions and for additional information.

Penny Cleveland, LCSW-S
Head of Counseling and Student Support
Middle School Counselor

Eric Quijano, M.Ed.
Secondary School Counselor

Claudia Escalante, LPC
Lower School Counselor

Kimberly Hight, LPC, RPT
Early Learning Counselor