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College Counseling

The Awty College Counseling Department understands the increasingly complex nature of college admissions and its impact on the development, well-being, and future aspirations of our students. Within a developmentally appropriate, integrated and student centered context, we work closely with students and their families to seek and achieve the best and most appropriate post-secondary outcome. Our work with students is guided by the core college admissions values outlined by the Education Conservancy, an organization dedicated to "uniting educational principles with admission practices".

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2019-2020 School Profile


Mission Statement

Within a developmentally appropriate framework, the Awty College Counseling Department will educate and advise students and families about the college admission process. Counselors will help students and families to make academic and college related choices that honor individual aspirations, abilities, and needs. Counselors will help students build college related competencies in the personal, academic, and college/career domains so they can prepare thoughtfully, aspire realistically, and choose wisely.

We look forward to working with you.