Houston’s Premier PK3 – 12th Grade International Day School

Corinne Micaëlli

College Counselor, French Program Upper School Students
Licence de Psychologie à l’Université de Bordeaux
CAFCO (certificat d’aptitudes aux fonctions de conseillère d’orientation – Inetop de Paris)

Corinne Micaelli was a Secondary (Orientation) School Counselor in France for 25 years (Elancourt- St Cyr l’Ecole and Massy) before coming to Houston in 2007. She worked in France with middle school and high school students as well as students in professional training (Lycées professionnels). She specialized in educational testing (WISC) and working with students with disabilities. Since coming to Awty in 2008, she has developed an expertise in university placement in Canada, The UK, and Europe in addition to France. Her three children, two of whom graduated from Awty, have embraced the Awty ethos of multi-national and global citizenship.  Her eldest son, a graduate of McGill, is the founder of a start-up in China. Her daughter is a veterinarian in Europe, and her youngest son is a PhD student in Machine Learning at The University of Edinburgh. She believes that anything is possible if people choose to fight the “important battles.” She works hard to encourage students to choose wisely.

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