Early Learning Campus

The Early Learning Campus of The Awty International School is home to our youngest students from three year olds through 1st grade/CP.

The Early Learning division offers a robust language immersion program in either French or Spanish. In PK3, students choose between French or Spanish as their primary immersion language, and receive additional instruction in English. In PK4 and Kindergarten, the language of instruction alternates daily with students either learning in English and French or English and Spanish. The overall aims are to encourage bilingualism and support the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development of each child through developmentally appropriate activities in two languages as he or she works towards fluency. For example, in the dual group of French/English, 50% of the school days are in French and 50% are in English.

Our French classes are accredited by the French Ministry of Education and use cycle coordination to support the learning objectives. Petite section (PK3), Moyenne section (PK4) and Grande section (Kindergarten) compose Cycle 1.

First grade/CP provides a firm foundation in the areas of Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Design Innovation, Fine Arts, and Physical Education. Students with a majority of the school day in English also learn French or Spanish; students who have the majority of their school day in French or in Spanish learn English. All 1st grade/CP students learn to write in cursive. CP is accredited by the French Ministry of Education and is the first year of Cycle 2 followed by the next two grades in the Lower School.

Our multilingual faculty is dedicated to establishing a warm and supportive learning environment. Additionally, they provide significant guidance to students in our character education program.


Acting Head of Early Learning

Deputy of Head of Early Learning

Executive Assistant to the Head of Early Learning

Counselor, Early Learning

ELC Receptionist and Administrative Assistant