Learning Resources


The Awty International School provides three libraries to meet the needs of its PK3/PS - 12th grade/Tle student body. Each library is designed to support the curriculum of its students as well as encourage reading for pleasure and lifelong learning.

Anyone may view the libraries' resources by going to the Destiny Catalog. To access our electronic books and digital databases, Awty students, faculty, and staff may go to the Destiny Catalog home page by logging in here using their same credentials used to access a campus computer.

For more information about library curriculum, programs, and resources, please see the Librarians tab below to contact a librarian.

Technology in the Classroom

All Secondary students are expected to bring their own PC or Mac laptop to school as part of their standard supplies.Students must bring laptops to class, following the instructions provided by their teachers.

To facilitate their academic needs, students will receive an account login to access campus wireless network. This account will enable students to utilize web-based platforms, school printers, online storage, and communicate with fellow students and faculty.

At Awty, we place a high priority on the safety and security of our students' digital experience. We have made significant upgrades to our network infrastructure to fully support the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program, which allows students to use their own devices for learning.

To ensure a secure online environment, we have implemented filters that block inappropriate content and ensure a safe browsing experience for our students.

In conjunction with our efforts to prioritize cybersecurity, we utilize Schoology, Awty's Learning Management System. This platform serves as a central hub for students, teachers, and parents to access and manage educational materials, assignments, and communication. It provides a secure and user-friendly interface that supports effective learning and collaboration.

Our dedicated team in the Information Technology Department continually monitors and maintains the network infrastructure to ensure a smooth and secure experience within the Schoology platform. By leveraging this system, we aim to foster a productive and safe digital learning environment for our students, where they can access resources, submit assignments, and communicate with their teachers and peers in a secure manner.

Frequently Asked Questions