Lower School

In Lower School, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and nurturing educational experience where students can enjoy a challenge in the classroom and fun on the playground. We search the world for the very best teachers to serve Lower School families who choose Awty from near and far. The Lower School faculty is dedicated to fostering academic excellence, as well as respect for and appreciation of our culturally rich and diverse learning community.

All Lower School students are developing academically and socially as they find their place in the world. Children must have a safe place to fall so they can learn from their mistakes; to that end, we use every opportunity to seize teachable moments. By using our guiding words—Respect, Responsibility, and Cooperation—we lead students to be reflective learners and responsible school citizens. Students in 4th grade/CM1 and 5th grade/CM2 are invited to participate on the Student Council. This form of student government gives students a voice and a way to understand how they may affect change now and in the future.

The curriculum in the International Program is taught either in English or Spanish and is designed to provide a firm foundation through inquiry-based learning in the areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The French Program follows the French National Curriculum, as accredited by the French Ministry of Education. Through the completion of Cycle 2 (CP-CE2) students are learning fundamentals as they progress into consolidation of learning in Cycle 3 (CM1-6ème). Students in both curricula are appropriately challenged by a rigorous program.

Students are offered daily, second language (L2) instruction in English for French Accredited Program students alongside French or Spanish for those in the International Program. Complementing the academic program, ancillary subjects including Art, Music, and Physical Education are offered weekly.


Head of Lower School

Deputy Head of Lower School

Executive Assistant to the Head of Lower School