Upper School Curriculum

9th Grade

English I
Second Language
U.S. History

Physical Education
Third Language (optional)

10th Grade

English II
Second Language
Western Civilization
Algebra II

Physical Education /
Third Language (optional)

11th & 12th Grade
International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature – Language A*

Group 2: Language Acquisition – Language B – ab initio*

Group 3: Individuals and societies - History, Economics, Global Politics, or Psychology

Group 4: Sciences - Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, or Environmental Science (SL)

Group 5: Mathematics: Math Analysis & Approaches (HL/SL) or Math Applications & Interpretations

Group 6: The Arts: Visual Art, Music, Dance IB Core: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, CAS

Students in the Upper School work towards the American High School Diploma and the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

A total of 26 credits is required for graduation: students take four years of English, four years of a Second Language, four years of Social Science (two of which must be History; one of which must be U.S. History), four years of Science, four years of Mathematics, two years of electives (one of which must be a Fine Art).

Students write a 4,000-word research essay and complete 150 hours for their CAS requirements. Students must also fulfill the requirements for the IB Diploma Program, including the Theory of Knowledge course. These are the minimum requirements for The Awty International School High School Diploma. Courses previously taken at other schools may count toward the AIS graduation requirement. The Awty International School reserves the right to decide which courses will count.

*Language Options:
English, French, and Spanish are offered at all levels required by the school curriculum. Other languages such as Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, German, and Russian are also available under specific conditions determined by the school.

**Electives: Art, Percussion, Introduction to Leadership, Introduction to Engineering, Introduction to Medicine, Biotechnology, Creation & Innovation: Aquaponics, Creation & Innovation: Aeronautics, Music, Dance, Theater Arts, Introduction to Filmmaking, Applications Design, Speech and Debate, Photography, Sports Medicine. (Most electives qualify as a Fine Art credit). Note: Under COVID protocol, these electives will be determined by cohort.


Head of Secondary School

Executive Assistant to the Head of Upper School