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2019-2020 Admissions


The priority application deadlines for entry to the 2019-2020 school year have passed and the first round of admissions decisions will be released on March 8, 2019.

As an international school serving relocating families, we will continue to accept applications from families just learning of a move to Houston. These applications will be considered for any new openings occurring by attrition over the course of the spring and summer months. Please contact admissions before submitting an application to inquire about the availability of spaces in the grade(s) to which you seek entry.



  • Applicants for Primary School (PK3/PS-5th/CM2): October 31
  • Applicants for Secondary School (6th/6ème-12th/Tle): November 30



The Awty international School uses Ravenna, a web-based software, for the submission of online applications. Ravenna allows you to efficiently apply and track the status of your application online. Additionally, Ravenna allows you to schedule admissions events and view the decision notification. You will be asked to create a family account and a profile for each child you are applying. If you are applying for multiple children, the basic biographical information you enter about your family will auto-populate in each application form you complete, saving you time and effort. We hope this new system will make the process of applying to Awty more streamlined and convenient for parents.



Once you click on the button below, you will be redirected to the Ravenna site where you will be asked to create an account. Make sure to use an email address to which you will have easy access throughout the admissions season. This will serve as your primary email contact with our school.

When you first enter Ravenna, you will be in a general "hub" where you will create your profile. You will need to identify the region of the country where you would like to search for schools. To find the link to Awty, you will need to select the Houston Area. Once you click on Awty in the directory of schools, you will access our school-specific information.

Note to international applicants: As you set up your profile, if you encounter questions or fields which do not pertain to you such as address fields for state and zip code, enter "NA" or "Not Applicable". You will be able to provide accurate information on Awty's customized application form. Also, you will need to enter the name of your child's current school manually; only U.S. schools are listed in the directory.

If at any point you should need assistance using the Ravenna software, please contact them directly at help@ravennasolutions.com. Ravenna is happy to answer your inquiry by phone; however, they require all support inquiries to be initiated through the email address associated with your Ravenna account to validate your access and protect your privacy.

Awty's page on the Ravenna site provides step-by-step instructions to guide you through the application process. For more detailed information about the school, we invite you to spend some time visiting the pages on this website using the menu in the banner above. The buttons below provide additional information about admissions to each of the school's academic divisions.



Telephone: 713-580-0579
Fax: 713-341-4404
Email: admissions@awty.org

Director of Enrollment Outreach and Management

Assistant Director of Admissions

Assistant Director of Admissions

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