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Early Learning Campus

Application Requirements

Grade Equivalencies

Early Learning at The Awty International School includes students who will be between the ages of three and six by the start of the school year and corresponds to the following grade level designations:

  American System French system british system
Ages 3-4 Pre-Kindergarten 3 (PK3)* Petite Section (PS)* Nursery
Ages 4-5 Pre-Kindergarten 4 (PK4) Moyenne Section (MS) Reception
Ages 5-6 Kindergarten (K) Grande Section (GS) Year 1
Ages 6-7 1st Grade (1) Course Préparatoire (CP) Year 2

* PK3/PS applicants must turn three by October 31 of the school year of entry.

Dual Language Immersion

The Early Learning division offers a dual language immersion program. In PK3 through Kindergarten it is a 50/50 program in either English/French or English/Spanish with the language of instruction alternating daily.

In first grade, it is a 60/40 program with the core subjects delivered in either English, French or Spanish (60% of the instructional time), and the specialty classes (i.e. Art, Physical Education, Technology, Second Language) taught in the immersion language accounting for 40% of the instructional time.


  • PK3/PS is the main point of entry to Awty with 80 places in the class.
  • PK4/MS openings are extremely limited and preference is given to children already affiliated with Awty.
  • K/GS openings are limited with new enrollment of about 15 to 20 students.
  • 1/CP openings are limited with new enrollment of about 10 to 15 students.

International Applicants

We understand that applying from outside of the United States can be complicated. While we recommend visiting Awty and Houston during the application process, we will work with you to facilitate your application should you run into any obstacles meeting the application requirements.

How To Apply for Mid-Year Entry

Step 1: Online Application & Fee for Mid-Year Entry

(For mid-year entry to the 2018-2019 academic year, please call admissions before submitting an application.)

The application is available online only. First time applicants will need to create a new user account. Families already affiliated with Awty should use their existing My Backpack account.

Start Your Online Application

There is a $200 non-refundable fee payable online with submission of the application.

Please be prepared to upload a photograph of the applicant.

Step 2: Teacher Recommendation

If your child is enrolled in an early childhood program of any kind including daycare, please have his or her current teacher complete the Shared Teacher Recommendation for PK3/PS - Kinder/GS or the Shared Teacher Recommendation for 1st Grade/CP.

In an effort to move away from paper to electronic documents, please request where possible that the teacher complete, scan, and email the confidential form directly to admissions@awty.org.

Step 3: Classroom Visit

We may invite your child for a classroom visit to get a sense of how he or she interacts with peers, adults, and the learning environment. No special preparation is required. We will contact you to make arrangements as needed. 

Step 4: Admissions Testing

Awty requires the results of the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence, (WPPSI) for all Kindergarten and First Grade applicants. Locally, we recommend Collaborative Academic Testing Service (C.A.T.S.) You may register online by visiting their website at www.catstexas.com.

Overseas and out-of-state applicants may use any private licensed psychologist. Testing should be conducted in the child’s first language.


Telephone: 713-580-0579
Fax: 713-341-4404
Email: admissions@awty.org

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