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Secondary School

Application Requirements

Grade Equivalencies

The Secondary School is comprised of the Middle School / Collège and Upper School / Lycée and corresponds to the following grade level designations:

  American system french system british system
Ages 11-12 6th Grade 6ème Year 7
Ages 12-13 7th Grade 5ème Year 8
Ages 13-14 8th Grade 4ème Year 9
Ages 14-15 9th Grade 3ème Year 10
Ages 15-16 10th Grade 2nde Year 11
Ages 16-17 11th Grade 1ère Year 12
Ages 17-18 12th Grade Terminale Year 13


Each year about 15 new students join the 6th grade class. The next entry point is 9th grade with about 25 openings. In all other grades, openings are based on attrition.

International Applicants

We understand that applying from outside of the United States can be complicated. While we recommend visiting Awty and Houston during the application process, we will work with you to facilitate your application should you run into any obstacles meeting the application requirements.

How to Apply for Mid-Year Entry

Step 1: Online Application & Fee

(For mid-year entry to the 2018-2019 academic year, please call admissions before submitting an application.)

The application is available online only. First time applicants will need to create a new user account. Families already affiliated with Awty should use their existing My Backpack account.

Start Your Online Application

There is a $200 non-refundable fee payable online with submission of the application.

Please be prepared to upload a photograph of the applicant.

Step 2: Teacher Recommendations

Teacher Recommendations are required from your child's current teachers in the following subjects: English, Mathematics, and Second Language (if taking one). A fourth recommendation from an extra-curricular area of the student’s choosing is optional.

In an effort to move away from paper to electronic documents, please request where possible that the teacher complete, scan, and send the confidential form directly to admissions@awty.org.

Step 3: Request for Student Records

Please submit to your child’s current school the Request for Student Records form. This will authorize your child’s school to send us the following information:

  • Record of academic performance for the last two academic years
  • Results of standardized tests (aptitude, achievement, and intelligence)
  • Attendance record
  • Other relevant information on file

Step 4: Student Interview

We may invite your child to meet with a member of the faculty or administration. These meetings take place on campus during the school day and should last about thirty minutes. Overseas applicants will be interviewed via Skype. We will contact you to make arrangements as needed.

Step 5: Student Statement

The personal interest statement gives applicants the opportunity to highlight their interests and passions, and gives the admissions committee a more well-rounded sense of each individual. Please click here to download a printable form.

Step 6: Admissions Testing

We require the results of the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) for applicants to grades 6-12. 

ISEE: Register for the ISEE online. Awty’s testing location code is 447771.
Overseas applicants can register to take the test at an international location through Prometric.


Telephone: 713-580-0579
Fax: 713-341-4404
Email: admissions@awty.org

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Assistant Director of Admissions

Assistant Director of Admissions

Admissions Data and Office Manager

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