French Accredited Program

The Awty International School offers Houston's only program accredited by the French Ministry of National Education, providing the French curriculum from Maternelle through Terminale, and culminating in the French Baccalauréat.

Bilingual Education

In Maternelle (Petite, Moyenne, and Grande Sections), we offer a bilingual immersion program in English and French. The language of instruction alternates daily and students develop fluency in both languages. Continuing in CP through CM1, while the core subjects are taught in French, specials such as Second Language, Art, Physical Education, Computer Basics, and Technology Projects are taught in English, accounting for about 40% of the instructional time. In all other grades, students continue their study of English, from beginner to native speaker levels, and have multiple academic and extracurricular opportunities to enrich their linguistic and intercultural skills by being a part of a richly diverse international community.


The main entry point is Petite Section with a total of 48 seats in the English/French immersion classes. After Petite Section, while we are usually able to accommodate new students in each grade, the number of openings varies. Some grades may have room for one or two new students while others may have 10 to 12.

As an international school, we do expect some amount of mobility in our population, but we are not able to guarantee the number of places that will be available in any given grade.


Admissions is open to applicants coming from both French accredited and non-accredited schools, but the requirements vary. In all cases, the admissions process is selective and subject to the availability of openings in the intended grade of entry.

Please refer to the AEFE website to search for French accredited school outside of France.

Applicants from Accredited Schools

Applicants from schools accredited by the French Ministry of National Education (écoles homologuées) must provide the following minimum requirements:

  • Bulletin or Livret scolaire for the current school year
  • Bulletin or Livret scolaire for all terms of the previous school year
  • Certificat de scolarité from the current school

Applicants from Non-Accredited Schools

Applicants from schools not accredited by the French Ministry of National Education must provide school records and additional documentation including teacher recommendations. The requirements will vary depending on the grade applying. Applicants to CP and above will also be asked to take a placement test (test d'entrée) to assess academic skills in French language and Mathematics.

International Applicants

We understand that applying from outside of the United States can be complicated. While we recommend visiting Awty and Houston during the application process, we will work with you to facilitate your application should you run into any obstacles meeting the application requirements.


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