Lower School


Grade Equivalencies

The Lower School includes children ages six through 11 and corresponds to the following grade level designations:

  American system french system british system
Ages 6-7 1st Grade CP Year 2
Ages 7-8 2nd Grade CE1 Year 3
Ages 8-9 3rd Grade CE2 Year 4
Ages 9-10 4th Grade CM1 Year 5
Ages 10-11 5th Grade CM2 Year 6

Dual Language Immersion

In 1st/CP through 5th grade/CM2, the curriculum is delivered through a 60/40 dual language immersion model with the core subjects delivered in either English, French, or Spanish (60% of the instructional time), and the specialty classes, accounting for 40% of the instructional time, (i.e. Art, Physical Education, Technology, Second Language) taught in the immersion language.


  • 1st/CP openings are usually available with new enrollment of about 10 students in total across the various immersion classes.
  • 2nd-5th Grade: Openings are limited and based on attrition with new enrollment of 0 to 5 students per grade.
  • CE1-CM2: Openings are limited and based on attrition with new enrollment of 0 to 5 students per grade

As an international school, we do expect some amount of mobility in our population, but we are not able to guarantee the number of places that will be available in any given grade.

International Applicants

We understand that applying from outside of the United States can be complicated. While we recommend visiting Awty after submitting your application, we will work with you to facilitate your application should you run into any obstacles meeting the application requirements.


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