Secondary School


Grade Equivalencies

The Secondary School is comprised of the Middle School / Collège and Upper School / Lycée and corresponds to the following grade level designations:

  American system french system british system
Ages 11-12 6th Grade 6ème Year 7
Ages 12-13 7th Grade 5ème Year 8
Ages 13-14 8th Grade 4ème Year 9
Ages 14-15 9th Grade 3ème Year 10
Ages 15-16 10th Grade 2nde Year 11
Ages 16-17 11th Grade 1ère Year 12
Ages 17-18 12th Grade Tle Year 13


International Program

  • 6th Grade: About 15 new students join the 6th grade class each year.
  • 9th Grade: About 15 new students join the 9th grade class each year.
  • In all other grades, openings are based on attrition with new enrollment of 0 to 5.

French Accredited Program

The number of openings varies year to year by grade level, but we are usually able to accommodate new students at each grade level with new enrollment of 1 to 10 students.

As an international school, we do expect some amount of mobility in our population, but we are not able to guarantee the number of places that will be available in any given grade.


We no longer require OLSAT testing for our local applicants. We do, however, still require ISEE testing from all candidates applying to our Secondary International Program. We will administer the ISEE for a limited number of Awty applicants on December 2, 2023. Please visit to register.

Although ISEE testing is our preferred option, we will also accept SSAT testing (with character skills assessment).

ISEE: Register online at – Awty International School test site code: 447771.
SSAT: Register online at – also check

International Applicants

We understand that applying from outside of the United States can be complicated. While we recommend visiting Awty after submitting your application, we will work with you to facilitate your application should you run into any obstacles meeting the application requirements.


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