Houston’s Premier PK3 – 12th Grade International Day School

Middle School / Upper School

(6th - 12th Grade/ 6ème - Tle)


Christine Chourré - Proviseure
Nadia Triki - Deputy Proviseure
Soltana Douch - Executive Assistant


Tom Beuscher - Head of Middle School
Miranda de Vries - Deputy Head
Lamis Boz - Executive Assistant


Sam Waugh - Head of Upper School
Robert Sload - Deputy Head
Marie-Hélène Nguyen - Executive Assistant

Back-to-School Dates

New Families
Saturday, August 12
8:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Language 2 Testing for New Students
Saturday, August 12
11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

6th Grade/6ème Orientation for
New and Returning Families
Wednesday, August 16
4:30-6:00 p.m.

First Day of School for Upper School/Lycée
9th - 12th Grade / 3ème - Terminale
Thursday, August 17
7:55 a.m.-3:35 p.m.

First Day of School for Middle School/Collège
6th - 8th Grade / 6ème - 4ème
Friday, August 18
7:55 a.m.-3:35 p.m.

Required Documents


Second Language Survey for 6th - 12th Grade:

All new students entering Middle and Upper School must complete the Second Language Survey to provide the faculty with the information required to ensure class placement at the appropriate level.

Additionally, students who have studied a second language must take a placement test scheduled for the day of the Secondary School Orientation on Saturday, August 12, 2017. Please contact the School Languages Director Javi Marin with any questions at 713-328-5855.

For additional information about second and third language study at Awty, please read the documents below.

Elective Choice for 9th and 10th Grade:

All rising 9th and 10th Grade students are required to sign up for elective courses for the 2017-2018 school year. Please submit the online form for the appropriate grade.

Please follow the instructions on the page completely and submit the form using the Submit button. Should you have any questions, there is a link to brief explanations and contact information for each elective at the top of the form.

Important Note: This form was due on June 5. Students enrolling after this date should return the form as soon as possible. If the form is not received prior to the start of school, the electives will be assigned based on availability.


Fiche d’inscription pedagogique pour 6ème - Tle:

All students entering the Collège and Lycée should have completed a Fiche d’inscription pedagogique for their grade of entry. If you have not already done so, please click on the appropriate grade level below to download the form and return it to the the Proviseure's Office as soon as possible via email or fax to 713-341-4414.


Summer Reading - 6th-12th Grade

Students in Middle and Upper School are assigned summer reading to be completed before the start of school. This reading is assessed and discussed during the first two weeks of school. The School Store DOES NOT carry the books on the Summer Reading lists. They may be purchased through any retail book outlet.

When you access the Summer Reading lists (IB), you will notice there are multiple levels of English classes. Below is a description of those levels.


Literature and Language (C2): These are standard level classes for students who are native English speakers or have reached native level proficiency.

Intermediate II (C1): These classes are for students who are advanced English Language Learners.

Intermediate I (B1-B2): These classes are targeted at students still developing many of their English skills.

Students with few basic skills in English (Beginner levels A1-A2) are not assigned summer reading, but they may read from a suggested reading list available upon request.

Contact the head of the English Department Jan Castleberry with any questions.


English Language Learners will be tested for appropriate placement. The Language 2 Testing is scheduled for August 12 during the Secondary School Orientation.


Vous trouverez ci-dessous les listes des lectures d’été établie par les professeurs de français de collège et de lycée. Elle a été établie par les enseignants de chaque niveau en fonction des programmes de l’année à venir. Les élèves sont vivement encouragés à faire ces lectures, sans que ce soit nécessairement de manière exhaustive, afin d’enrichir leur vocabulaire, entretenir leur imagination, se préparer aux thématiques de l’année.

J’attire votre attention sur le fait que, pour chaque niveau, quelques lectures estivales sont obligatoires. Elles sont indispensables pour permettre un travail plus approfondi en cours d’année et feront l’objet d’une activité ou d’un contrôle dans les semaines qui suivent la rentrée scolaire. Ces œuvres sont en lien direct avec le programme.

Lectures estivales par niveux:


Conseils Supplementaires : L’été, c’est non seulement le moment idéal pour lire, mais aussi pour aller au théâtre ou au cinéma, écouter la radio (pensez aux podcasts pour rendre moins ennuyeux les longs trajets en voiture ou en avion !), découvrir une exposition, bref se cultiver !

Toute l’équipe vous souhaite un fort bel été riche en aventures littéraires et culturelles !

Si vous avez des questions, veuillez contacter à Laure Vermeulen, Responsable du département de français.

Books and Supplies


Books and supplies for 6th grade/6ème through 12th grade/Tle are not included in the tuition fee and must be purchased separately. We kindly request you submit the order forms (see below) as soon as you receive notification via email that they are viewable. Please log on to My Backpack > My Forms/Documents > My Forms. For questions, please contact schoolstore@awty.org.

  • Book Order Form
  • Supply Order Form (French section only)
  • Book Delivery Form (optional)

Language Books: Due to the multiple levels for foreign language and intermediate English classes, books for these courses may only be purchased once the student’s level has been determined, typically at the start of school.


Students should bring a backpack to carry their books, supplies, and daily homework. Lockers will be assigned to all students when picking up their books, or on the first day of school. Locks and locker shelves are available for purchase at the School Store. Some of the required supplies are listed on the book order forms. Teachers may request additional supplies at the start of school.



Students are required to have a personal computing device (i.e., laptop or tablet) as part of their school supplies.

Middle School students should have a device but will only be allowed to use it in class under the guidance of a teacher or in the library. Computer access for MS is disallowed at all other times and in all other places during the school day.

Visit the BYOD webpages for more information.


Upper School students (9th grade/3ème - 12th grade/Terminale) are permitted cell phones on campus, but they must be out of sight and turned off during classes. Upper School students may use their cell phones during their lunch period.

If Middle School students bring a cell phone (or any other electronic communication device) to school it must be off and in their lockers throughout the school day.

Arrival and Dismissal

On the first day of school, all Secondary School students should report to the Performing Arts and Athletic Center (PAAC) to pick up their class schedules. Students in 6th grade/6ème will receive their schedules at the orientation on August 16, but should still report to the PAAC on the first day. Maps of the campus will be made available. After the first day, please follow the instructions outlined below.

CARPOOL (Drop-Off and Pick-Up)

Morning carpool runs from 7:15 to 7:55 a.m. School personnel will be on hand to assist you and your child. Please follow their instructions. Cell phone use is prohibited in carpool, and the speed limit is 5mph.

Afternoon carpool begins at 3:35 p.m.


School buses drop off under the parking garage. Students walk themselves to their lockers and classrooms.

At the end of the day, students should make their way to the buses immediately following their last class. Buses leave promptly at 3:45 p.m.


Parents conducting school business on campus should park in the garage in the spaces marked as VISITOR PARKING located on the third and fourth levels. Please do not park in the assigned numbered spaces for faculty and staff. Additional parking is available at Awty Field (athletics stadium).


The attendance office is located in the computer building on the north end of the Secondary School quad. Students are required to sign-in at the attendance office if arriving after 7:55 a.m. and to sign-out if leaving before 3:35 p.m.

Please review the attendance policy and procedures for the Secondary School.



All students must wear the school uniform every day unless otherwise instructed. Exceptions are made for Spirit Days and other special occasions. Upper School students (grades 9-12/3ème-Tle) have a free-dress day on Fridays. Parker School Uniforms is our provider, and each year they organize in-store private sales for new families, offering a 10% discount. The next sale will take place from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 13 at the store located at 2000 W Governors Circle, Suite E, Houston, TX 77092.

Please review the Uniform Policy for additional details by grade level.


Beginning in 5th grade/CM2, students must change into a physical education (P.E.) uniform. The school will provide one P.E. uniform to each student during the first P.E. class. Additional P.E. uniforms may be purchased from the School Store.

NOTE: The School Store is the only source for the following items: hooded sweatshirts, hooded jackets, and P.E. uniforms, as well as other school-branded specialty items.



Information on the fall athletic season for Middle School – boys’ volleyball, girls’ volleyball, and cross-country – will be provided during the first P.E. class.


All Upper School students who intend to participate on an interscholastic team must complete the following Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (T.A.P.P.S.) forms prior to athletic participation. Please click here to access these forms.

Student Steroid Use Form
TAPPS Preparticipation Physical Form
TAPPS Student Acknowledgement of Rules Form

These forms must be submitted to the Athletics Department no later than Friday, August 18, 2017. You may bring your forms to the department or send them by email.

For additional information, feel free to contact Lindsay Youngdahl the Athletics Director at 713-328-5818, and visit the Athletics webpages.

Sage Dining

Sage Dining provides healthy, home-cooked lunch options daily, the price of which is included in tuition. Snacks for the mid-morning break are available for purchase at the Booster Bistro (cash required), which is located in the Performing Arts and Athletics Center (PAAC). Snack items and water are also available at the School Store from 7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. After school from 3:30-4:30 p.m., students also have the option of hot foods and packaged snacks at Fine Arts Booster Canteen. And of course, snacks from home are welcome, but please keep in mind Awty is a nut-aware school.


Telephone: 713-580-0579
Fax: 713-341-4404
Email: admissions@awty.org

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Admissions Data and Office Manager

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