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Tuition and Financial Aid

2019-2020 Academic Year

2019-2020 Academic Year

Below you will find a thorough listing of all associated costs of attending The Awty International School for the 2019-2020 school year. We hope you find this information useful as you consider affordability and your financial planning. We understand the considerable investment you would be making in your child’s education and offer the option of several payment plans as well as need-based financial aid.


PK3/PS - PK4/MS $22,615
Kinder/GS - 1/CP $23,401
2/CE1 - 5/CM2 $23,401
6/6EME - 8/4EME $26,258
9/3EME - 12/TLE $28,525

Tuition Payment Plans Financial Aid


Additional Fees Required

All New Students - This is a one-time fee per student not previously enrolled at Awty within the last three school years.

$1,500 New Student Fee

All Students - These fees are due at the time of enrollment and are non-refundable.

$250 Registration Fee
$1,250 Capital Building Fee

7th Grade/5ème $2,150 Washington, D.C. Class Trip
8th Grade/4ème $875 Big Bend Class Trip
3ème $110 Exam Fee for Brevet (average fee)
2nde $0-$4,500 Experiential Education Trip during Awty Connects Week
10th Grade $0-$4,500 Experiential Education Trip during Awty Connects Week
1ère $213 Exam Fee for French Baccalauréat (average fee)
  $0-$4,500 Experiential Education Trip during Awty Connects Week
11th Grade $1,030 International Baccalaureate Fee
  $0-$4,500 Experiential Education Trip during Awty Connects Week
Terminale $265-$625 Registration and Exam Fee (range of fees)
  $650 Senior Fee
12th Grade $1,030 International Baccalaureate Fee
  $650 Senior Fee

Book Fees

PK3 / PS through 5 / CM2 - All required books and supplies for students in Early Learning and Lower School are included in the required Book Fee.

PK3/PS - PK4/MS $240
Kinder/GS $355
1st Grade - 5th Grade $485
CP - CM2 $405

Middle and Upper Schools / Lycée et Collège - The cost of books in Middle and Upper School will vary based on each student’s specific course selections. Estimated book costs based on new books are:

6th Grade - 8th Grade $700- $850
6ème - 4ème $500 - $550
9th Grade - 12th Grade $750 - $1,100
3ème - Tle $450 - $550


All students in Kindergarten / Grande Section and above must wear the school uniform. The average cost is between $200 - $250. Students are required to have a full dress uniform as well as a daily uniform.

Optional Programs

Dutch Program (PK4 - 12th Grade): $3,000 - $6,000

Language Classes: Depending on enrollment, some language classes such as Dutch, German, Italian, Mandarin, and Norwegian may be self-financed.


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Assistant Director of Admissions

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