Upcoming Events

Alumni Reunion Weekend

May 17-18, 2024 

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Interested in planning a class reunion? Check out the details below, and contact Amanda Green, director of strategic communications, for more information.

Class leaders' responsibilities:

  1. Gather your classmates in a private group on Facebook.
  2. Select a date.
  3. Select a location (Houston, London, Paris, New York City or other).
  4. Collaborate with the Awty Advancement Team to determine the scope of your event:
    • How many events will you have?
    • What will be the format of each event?
    • How do we make this meaningful for your class?
    • Who plans it?
    • Who communicates details of the weekend with the class?

The Awty Advancement Team responsibilities:

  1. Work with the reunion planning team.
  2. Coordinate all logistics with the school.
  3. Communicate with and extend invitations to faculty and staff requested by the class.
  4. Provide a full campus tour.
  5. Provide a light brunch or lunch event during your weekend, sponsored by the school.