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Former Awty teacher and Awty alumna featuring pieces at The Holocaust Museum of Houston

Awty alumna Alexandra Lechin (Class of 2014) and former Awty teacher Alessandra Albin are both featuring art pieces in a new juried art exhibition on display now at the Holocaust museum. The exhibit “Withstand: Latinx Art in Times of Conflict” explores themes of social justice and human rights through 100 artworks of Houston Latinx artists. 

The multi-media exhibition is a platform to examine issues that impact the community, fosters dialogue on difficult questions, and ultimately empowers social change through art. The art featured in the exhibition includes several themes of focus including border relations, gender roles, domestic violence, the immigrant experience and social and political turmoil.

The exhibition will be on view from April 30 through October 17, 2021 in the Museum’s Mincberg Gallery and Spira Central Gallery, with sculptures located in the adjacent Lester and Sue Smith Human Rights Gallery.

Capture of Alexandra Lechin’s Dissociation Portal (Portal de Disociación)

Dissociation Portal/Portal de Disociación

Alexandra Lechin’s Portal de Disociación is a video animation made up of 70 hand pressed Linocut prints individually scanned and digitally manipulated and the soundtrack is herself playing the Theremin. 

This process allowed me to detach from my personal self and dissociate to this satisfying end. Dissociation and out of body experiences are how our species in modern times “flies” in fight or flight. In moments of danger, distress, or lack of power we dissociate. We are powerless in these times and have nothing left than to find ways to distract ourselves until we wake up in a better time.

Alexandra is also exhibiting a painting in the virtual programming of the show.

Woman With Crossed Feet / Mujer Con Las Patas Cruzadas:

"This painting is a combination of my understanding of impressionist work combined with my fascination of Moiré. With the same basic idea of a Rorschach inkblot test image, it depicts a woman on the ground sitting cross legged. During this quarantine I have found myself lost in the static noise of the modern world, seeing only small flashes of humanity. Like picket fence animation does. Blocking out part of what is visible in any given instance, leaving the human mind to formulate what it thinks it saw. Which is why strips of the overall image appear to be removed. Today extensive research needs to be done to find any semblance of the truth on any topic, and maintain a sense of self, friends and family, all simultaneously."

Woman With Crossed Feet / Mujer Con Las Patas Cruzadas

Alessandra Albin’s sculpture “To the limit 2” 

To the limit 2

Alessandra Albin’s sculpture “To the limit 2” expresses the innate human strength of the oppressed to rise. It exemplifies the power that allows humanity to continue, to lift itself out of despair and to pursue the fight towards freedom and justice. Sometimes, beaten and almost defeated, humanity still finds strength to continue fighting for what is right and just.

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