JoBeth is a professional musician based in Boston who chose a passion in drums. She performs at various places such as venues, clubs, weddings, corporate events & festivals all over the world. She also enjoys studio recording and teaching private lessons. JoBeth also works with her family’s business, RTU & Associates, located in Houston, where she designs pension plans for small to medium sized businesses. 

JoBeth has been surrounded by music since birth (her aunt and uncle used to own a music school) and her obsession with drums began after listening to the song, 'Basket Case' by Green Day. It moved her in a way she had never felt before!

She started drumming when she was in 4th grade at Awty and started attending Kingwood Music School. JoBeth attended Awty from 1989-1998. After middle school, JoBeth decided to attend the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts to focus on music. This then led her to Boston where she attended Berklee College of Music from 2002-2006.

We are proud to present this amazing interview as our March 2020 Alumni Spotlight! 

What person, course, or experience most influenced you while at Awty? How?

In the early 1990’s, I was a huge Rockets fan! All I wanted to do was play basketball. Back then, there had never been a 6th grade girls’ basketball team at Awty, only for 8th grade and high school. My classmates, Mara Ballard, Farnaz Faiaz, Betsy Bailey and Kyna Killion, were also interested, so the school made a team out of us! This was a valuable lesson that taught me, 'All you have to do is ask!’.

Share your favorite memory of Awty:

One of my favorite memories was our first basketball game at Duchesne. Awty’s team got completely massacred with a final score of something like 52-4. I was lucky enough to score those 4 points! After each basket, our whole team cheered as if we had won the championship! I still laugh about it. Coach Zimmerman was still proud of us!

How did your education at Awty prepare you for what you did in college and are doing today?

My education at Awty taught me how to stay organized. This skill prepared me to focus on my work, practice my instrument and, most importantly, make time to enjoy my life. Awty’s upbringing taught me how to respect others, no matter what language they speak, what they eat, what they look like or how they dress. The environment opened my mind to different ideas and cultures. This might be why my musical taste has become so eclectic!

What advice would you give current Awty students interested in pursuing a career in your field?

If your heart is set on music, pursue it because it’s who you are and what you love! For me, playing music is like breathing. It’s easy to feel discouraged because it’s not a highly paid lifestyle. There are different paths to choose such as performing, education, production, sound engineering, management, marketing, promoting, event planning, administration, booking, A&R representation, publishing, songwriting, conducting, film scoring, journalism, music therapy and music tech. It’s also okay to have an additional job in something completely different! Having many interests will attract you to new experiences, people and opportunities.

What is something people may not know about you?

I’m passionate about cooking, fitness, video production and travel!

Anything else you would like to share?

Please let my teachers know that I still think of them! Hi to Mrs. Castleberry, Ms. Timms, Coach Swisher, Mr. Shepler, Mr. Chesterton, Ms. Sam, Ms. Gharibeh & Ms. Nocca.

I still share a special bond with my Awty friends! Shout out to Aileen, Daniel, Victoria, Esmeralda, Mara, Betsy & Deborah.


Instagram: @jobeth.drums