Fine Arts Events

The Fine Arts at The Awty International School are comprised of Visual Arts and Performing Arts. Each area provides opportunities for students to learn and be expressive in curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities.

The Arts

  • Improve students' overall academic performance.
  • Students that are actively engaged in arts education are likely to have higher test scores than those with little to no involvement.
  • Arts students develop skills needed by the 21st century workforce: critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, teamwork, and more.
  • Arts involvement allows students to express themselves creatively and bolster their self-confidence


Angela Maxwell
Secondary School Visual Arts Chair

Jason Peguero
Secondary School Performing Arts Chair


Zulfia Bazylchuk, Music Teacher

Yvette Grutter, Art Teacher

Lower School

Beverly Lawson, Lower School Art

Lori Wagner, Lower School Music


Philippe Carré, Digital Studio / Computers

Robert Dee, Choir / Select Choir

Marijan Jurcic, Digital Studio / Computers

Jason Peguero, Band / Honors Band

Stephanie Sermas, Dance

Sean von Felden, Photography

David Bauman, Theater


Robert Dee, IB Music / Awty Singers / Madrigals / Choir

Angela Maxwell, Art, International Program

Jason Peguero, Wind Ensemble / Jazz Band / Orchestra / Band / IB Music

Stephanie Sermas, Awty Dance Ensemble / Dance

Sean von Felden, Photography

David Bauman, Theater


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