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The Greatest Show on Turf!

Homecoming 2017 was a great event! The Awty Rams triumphed, and a fun time was had by all. Thank you for being part of the excitement!


Rams Girls Varsity -vs- XXX
Game starts at XX:XX p.m.

Rams Boys Varsity -vs- XXXX
Game starts at XX:XX p.m.


2017 Theme Days

Monday, November 6: Pajama Day

Tuesday, November 7: Under the Big Top - Favorite Circus Animal or Character

Wednesday, November 8: Wacky Wednesday - Crazy Hair & Socks, Tie-Dye, Mismatch Patterns

Thursday, November 9: Sport Your Sport - Wear your favorite jersey or team gear

Friday, November 10: Green & Gold - Show your Awty Spirit!


2017 - King Taddeo Toffanin and Queen Ameila Ward

2016 - King Karim Machkhas and Queen Tayma Machkhas

2015 - King Antoine Biebuyck and Queen Catherine Ohrt

2014 - King Armando Ortiz and Queen Isis Acogny

2013 - King Naim Mekdessi and Queen Armanda Simon

2012 - King Carlos Luis Garcia and Queen Melanie Guirette

2011 - King Hashim Alawami and Queen Claire Jardin

2010 - King Luke Thompson and Queen Babette Hohrath

2009 - King Kendall Russ and Queen Charlotte Peeters

2008 - King Pastor Oropeza and Queen Rachel Holden

2007 - King Philip Queller and Queen Sophie Peeters

2006 - Queen Lucie Pognonec

2003 - Queen Brechtje Sopnel

2002 - Queen Sarah Mansur

2001 - Queen Anna Wittenberg

2000 - Queen Sarah Tranter

1999 - Queen Lisa Hedge

1998 - Queen Joanna Hedge

1997 - Queen Asli Pamir

1996 - Queen Mona Lisa Al Attar

1995 - Queen Kelley Robins

1996 - Queen Nadia Bahrani

1995 - Queen Yego Shimelis

1994 - Queen Rachel Lavaver

1993 - Queen Laura Williton

1992 - Queen Claire Jaubert

1991 - Queen Christina Pease

1990 - Queen Sarah Hittner

1989 - Queen Helene Berge

1988 - Queen Staci Spangler

1987 - Queen Andrea Paoloski

1986 - Queen Irena Moon

1985 - Queen K.D. Evans

1984 - Queen Kim Gaido

1983 - Queen Tammy Christensen


Monday, November 6

Dress Up / Pajama Day

Ram Welcoming / Lower School Drop-off

Medallion Hunt / Middle & Upper School

Door Decorating / Lower School

Tuesday, November 7

Dress Up / Under the Big Top (Favorite Circle Animal or Character)

Ram Welcoming / Lower School Drop-off

Medallion Hunt / Middle & Upper School

Door Decorating / Lower School

Wednesday, November 8

Dress Up / Wacky Wednesday

Ram Welcoming / Early Learning Center

Medallion Hunt / Middle & Upper School

Door Decorating / Lower School

Thursday, November 9

Dress Up / Sport Your Sport

Medallion Hunt / Middle & Upper School

Upper School Faculty vs. Student Hoops / 1:00PM

Lower School Door Judging / Vote via Instagram

Boys Varsity Basketball vs. Lutheran North / PAAC, 7:00PM

Friday, November 10

Dress Up / Green & Gold

Pep Rally / All-School

Homecoming Soccer Games / Boys @ 5:00 p.m., Girls @ 7:00 p.m.

Puerto Rico Donation Drive / Bring to soccer games for free glow stick!

Homecoming Court Coronation / Halftime of Girls Soccer

Saturday, November 11

Upper School Homecoming Dance / Hotel Derek


Hot Dogs and Sausage and Burgers. . . Oh My!

Not only does Awty’s Homecoming game week feature the Varsity Soccer Games on Friday, it also serves as a key fundraiser for the school’s Student Council. Every year, the Awty Dads Club graciously supplies the food and volunteers their time and culinary skills to help make this annual event a success. From 6:00 p.m., until the last burger is served, make sure to stop by the Field House and purchase these internationally renowned burgers to fill your appetite. All the fixings will be available as well as vegetarian options.


In order to help those students and parents new to Awty and the Homecoming experience, below are some common questions and answers as well as explanations of various events/traditions seen during Homecoming Week.


Cheerleading in the U.S. is considered a sport. It is a combination of dance and gymnastics and demands great strength and coordination. Students typically attend an intensive camp like other sports and practice during the week. They cheer at various sporting events and are responsible for encouraging school spirit in all students.


One game during the soccer season is chosen as the "Homecoming Game" where the players and cheerleaders are recognized. It is a time where the whole school is invited to participate, showing the Awty School Spirit.

Homecoming Week consists of various events and customs, including the following:

Spirit Days

Each day of Homecoming Week has a theme (wacky clothes, green and gold day, T-shirt day, etc.) and friendly, competitive activities for students mainly in the Middle and Upper School to build excitement during the week, culminating in a Friday Pep Rally. Special activities are planned for the Preschool and Lower School to encourage their participation and build Awty Spirit.

Pep Rally

This event is held on Friday morning to build school spirit for the Homecoming Game held that night. The entire student body is gathered in the PAAC and the event is usually hosted by the cheerleaders. They lead various cheers and encourage everyone to show their Awty Spirit. Sorry, no parents due to space constraints.

Homecoming Court

First, the Student Council requests nominations for the Homecoming Court. Then, the Council announces the Homecoming Court and creates a ballot to select the King and Queen, which is voted on individually at school (secret ballot). The Council then announces the King and Queen during halftime of the boy's game.

The following evening there is usually a Homecoming Dance for all Upper School students.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be a Homecoming T-shirt?

This year there will NOT be a Homecoming T-shirt. Students, employees and parents are encouraged to purchase and wear the Spirit T-shirt.

2. How do we buy the tickets for the game and/or the dance?

Tickets for the game can be purchased at the gate. We accept charging to the student account or cash, no credit cards.

Tickets for the Homecoming Dance are available during Spirit Week at Upper School lunch and are sold by the Student Council and they are charged to the student account.

3. Any specific Awty traditions that are done at the game or dance?

No specific traditions. We do hope that parents and students come ready to have a good time and to cheer our Awty Rams to victory.

There is something for every age. The Athletics Booster Club has a supervised play area for our youngest Rams. Dad’s Club and the Student Council have a burger cookout (vegetarian option included) to raise money for Council activities. There is an Alumni area sponsored by Advancement and the Concession Stand is open to provide snacks and drinks of all kinds.

Free admissions for the evening if you come for the early game, which starts at 5pm. Tickets (if you choose to come later) and other Awty items will be for sale in the gate area. These items can be charged to the student account.

Our Lower School students form a “Ram Tunnel” led by the Cheerleaders to cheer the 7pm soccer team onto the soccer pitch prior to the start of the game. And hang around till the end for an exciting conclusion to the night’s festivities.

4. What about “mums” for girls at the game?

There is a tradition at American High School football games for girls to receive a corsage of a large mum, especially at Homecoming.

Awty does not follow this tradition.

5. Do kids take their dates for the dance to the games on Friday night as well?

Some will choose to take their date to the soccer games, particularly if they're in a committed relationship, but most will come separately and sit with their friends.

6. Do some kids come in groups to the games and dance?

Yes, many come in groups of friends. This is very common.

7. How dressed-up do the kids get? Tuxedos? Formal dresses?

We say "cocktail attire.” For boys, suits and ties, but no tuxedos (though some might choose to dress that way). For girls, a shorter, party-ready dress or even dressy separates like a skirt and blouse.

Cocktail attire is less dressy than "formal" attire, and much more casual than "black tie.” There is no enforced dress code (other than general standards of decency at school events).

8. Will there be food served at the dance?

A light meal will be served. It will likely be a salad bar as well as various light bites and dessert. Drinks (water, lemonade, iced tea) will also be provided.

9. Do boys give a corsage to the girls for the dance? Any specific color or size? Worn on wrist or dress?

Some might choose to, but it's not common or expected.

10. Do girls give a boutonniere to the boys? Any specific color or size?

Same as above.

11. Do students rent a limo?

Some might, but it's not common practice, nor does the school encourage this. Most students drive themselves (self-parking is free), and some parents will drop off/pick up their children.

12. Are adult chaperone volunteers still needed?

No additional chaperones are necessary. We ask teachers to chaperone, and they are very generous with their time.

13. Do some students go out to dinner before the dance?

Many students choose to eat before, either with their date or a group of friends. Students do not feel nearly the same impetus to bring a date to Homecoming, compared to Prom.

14. Will there be other dances in the future for Upper School students?

For Freshman/Troisième and Sophomore/Seconde students, the Homecoming Dance is the only one they are invited to attend.

The only other Upper School dance is the Prom in the spring. Prom is only for Junior/Première and Senior/Terminale students.