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Awty’s school counselors collaborate with the pedagogical team and parents to promote the academic and emotional success of our students. 

Throughout the year, the counselors provide services of observation and consultation for students, faculty, and parents. They offer parent education, character education, and special programs that prepare students for the challenges of life. Referrals to the counselors can be made by division heads, teachers, and parents. Students are welcome to visit with the counselors when time is available and may also request to speak with them through the Division office.

Information about psycho-educational evaluations and professional recommendations for reasonable accommodations is coordinated by the counselors. When additional assessment or services are indicated, our counselors can provide families with options for resources in the community.

The Awty Counselors are happy to assist you in any way they can. Please feel free to call for a consultation.


School Counselors (Secondary):

Katherine Porter
Director of Secondary School Counseling

Michael Infante
Middle School Counselor

School Counselors (Primary):

Penny Cleveland, LCSW
Director of Primary School Counseling

Moving & Transitioning to a New School