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Awty’s school counselors collaborate with the pedagogical team and parents to promote the academic and emotional success of our students. 

Throughout the year, the counselors provide services of observation and consultation for students, faculty, and parents. They offer parent education, character education, and special programs that prepare students for the challenges of life. Referrals to the counselors can be made by division heads, teachers, and parents. Students are welcome to visit with the counselors when time is available and may also request to speak with them through the Division office.

Information about psycho-educational evaluations and professional recommendations for reasonable accommodations is coordinated by the counselors. When additional assessment or services are indicated, our counselors can provide families with options for resources in the community.

The Awty Counselors are happy to assist you in any way they can. Please feel free to call for a consultation.


School Counselors (Secondary):

Katherine Porter
Director of Secondary School Counseling

Michael Infante
Middle School Counselor

School Counselors (Primary):

Penny Cleveland, LCSW
Director of Primary School Counseling

Moving & Transitioning to a New School

Books About Moving and Transitioning to a New School

AGES 4-8

  • The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day, Jan and Stan Berenstain
  • Goodbye House, Frank Asch
  • Who Will Be My Friends? Syd Hoff
  • Will I Have a Friend? Miriam Cohen
  • Why Do We Have to Move Here? Sally J.K. Davies

AGES 9-12

  • From Anna, Jean Little
  • The Moving Book: A Kids Survival Guide, Gabriel Davis
  • Vero and Phillipe, Caroline Kim Hatton


  • Kids Like Me: Voices of the Immigrant Experience, Judith M. Blohm and Terri Lapinsky
  • Club Expat: A Teenager's Guide to Moving Overseas, Aniket Shah and Akash Shah
  • Among worlds (a magazine), available at Awty library.


  • Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds, David C. Pollack and Ruth van Reken
  • Moving with Kids: 25 Ways to Ease Your Family's Transition to a New Home, Lori Collins Burgan
  • When Families Cross Borders, Jennifer A.C. Patterson
  • Home Keeps Moving, Heidi Sand-Hart
  • The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition, Tina Quick
  • Understanding American Schools, Anne P Copland, PhD
  • A Broad Abroad, Robin Pascoe
  • Culture Shock, Robin Pascoe

Albums pour Enfants sur la Thématique du Déménagement

2 À 4 ANS

  • Lili vient d’un autre pays Ophélie Texier, Ecole des Loisirs
  • Une nouvelle maison pour la famille souris Kazuo Iwamura,Ecole des Loisirs

7 À 10 ANS

  • L’arbre d’ici Chaim Potok, Ecole des Loisirs
  • L’important c’est que nous soyons amis Angelika Kutsch,Ecole des Loisirs
  • Tu veux être ma copine? Susie Morgenstern, Ecole des Loisirs


  • L’enfant expatrié, Gaelle Goutain; Adelaide Russell Ed L’harmattan
  • Le Conjoint Expatrié
  • Vivre ailleurs, mon carnet de routes, Françoise Bourlet et Nathalie Kleinschmidt Ed Global’ ease

Helpful Websites for Newcomers



» Family-friendly events & information on parent-oriented products, services, and news / Manifestations familiales et informations sur des produits, services et informations destinés aux parents


» Local cultural events for adults and families / Manifestations culturelles locales pour les adultes et les familles



» Support for families in global transition / Soutien aux familles en transition


» Support network for French families / Réseau de soutien aux familles françaises


» L’Alliance Française: French language lessons and cultural events / L’Alliance Française : Cours de français et manifestations culturelles


» An online magazine (California) with tips, blogs, questions and answers about life in the USA / Magazine en ligne (Californie) avec conseils, blogs, questions et réponses sur la vie aux USA


» A website for French expats all over the world to share information and post questions and answers about life as an expat / Site Internet pour les expatriés français dans le monde qui partage des informations et publie des questions et réponses sur la vie d’expatrié

Indicators for Consultation

This is a flyer to help you decide if you should seek consultation from school counselors and/or division heads for your child.

Additional information and resources are accessible here for students and families.

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