Houston’s Premier PK3 – 12th Grade International Day School

Experiential Education

The goal of experiential education at Awty is for our students to discover and connect to the world in a meaningful way that expands the boundaries of traditional education and allows for independent thinking and growth.



All Secondary students participate in the annual Fall Trips Programs.  These trips and activities are designed to introduce students with their teachers to the wide variety of customs, cultures and languages within the Awty community.  Following on years of tradition, sixth and ninth grade students will embark on an overnight excursion.  In grades seven and eight as well as grades ten through twelve, students will be in class on Thursday and then spend Friday focused on bonding. We depend on the value of these community building programs to bring students and teachers together in the true Spirit of Awty. Detailed plans will appear here on this page shortly following the start of Secondary classes.


March 16-20, 2020

Awty Connects Week is a chance for Awty students and faculty to connect to the world outside of the classroom... connecting to nature and the outdoors, to the past, to real-life work experiences, to other cultures, languages, and ways of life, to each other, and so much more!

Middle School

Upper School