Houston’s Premier PK3 – 12th Grade International Day School

Field Trip Experiences


All Secondary School students are expected to participate in the annual Fall Trips, which are field trips that take place early in the first term. These field trips are designed to introduce the students at the start of the school year to the wide variety of cultures and languages within the Awty community. These are overnight excursions and parents receive detailed information at the start of the school year.


The Big Bend trip is an 8th grade tradition at The Awty International School spanning 30 years. This is an opportunity for both sections of the 8th grade to travel to the remote splendor of west Texas.

Here students learn about the flora and fauna that make the Big Bend National Park one of the world’s most diverse places in North America. In small groups, students work together loading and unloading equipment, building their tents, and organizing an outdoor kitchen where they cook meals for over one hundred people. Guided by their teachers, students hit the trails while using a uniquely developed workbook that introduces them to the geology, natural history, and the desert environment of this region.

During our travels, students visit the McDonald Observatory, one of the world’s leading centers for astronomical research and education.

The opportunities offered to the 8th grade throughout this trip are designed to develop the character of the students during this pivotal point in their development.


For the last four years, our 7th grade/5ème students have traveled to Washington, D.C. trip. The school expects all 7th grade/5ème students to participate in this unique educational opportunity which is a required element of the curriculum.

The trip include first-hand learning outside of the classroom and the opportunity for the students to share this experience with peers and educators. Moreover, students gain invaluable self-confidence from traveling on their own. Awty works with EF Explore America to plan this annual trip. EF has over 46 years of experience in educational travel and comes highly recommended, even by some of our parents.