Houston’s Premier PK3 – 12th Grade International Day School


May 31
Last Day of School for 2018-2019

June 1 - August 21
Summer Break

August 22
First Day of School for US 

August 23
First Day of School for MS

August 26
First Day of School for LS & 1st Grade/CP

August 27
First Day of School for Kinder/GS

August 28
First Day of School for PK4/MS

August 29
First Day of School for PK3/PS


ADHERE Creative
Erica Aguirre
Alessandra Albin
Alexander's Fine Portrait Design
Awty Cinematography Club
Elisabet Brandsberg-Dahl
Mathieu Buchwald
Margaret Buehler
Tesla Cadena
Kate Cales
Philippe Carré
Isabella Chamma
Christine Chourré
Kristi Cigdemoglu
Laurene Condat
Erica Courtenay-Mann
Lisa Darling
Rob Dee
Ronda Devins
Miranda De Vries
Veronique Douet
Richard Durst
Khira Edir-Specht
Shirin Farahani
Andrew Farrant
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Emmanuelle Roussel
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Olivia Simoen-Deman
Caroline Simoens Delmar
Robert Sload
Clément Tamboise
Nadia Triki
Guillaume Wagner
Emmanuel Waymel
Lindsay Youngdahl
Tairong Zheng


Welcome to the May 2019 issue of ACCENT. Inside this issue, we spotlight the school's first Awty Connects Week. We've also included news from around the campuses, success stories from the faculty and student body, and our employee comings & goings.



Filming by Mr. Philippe Carré's 8th Grade/4ème Digital Studio Class.

Awty Connects Week


In April, Awty began a new tradition, Awty Connects Week, as part of the newly established Experiential Education Program. This week incorporated long-standing traditions already in place like the 8th grade/4ème Big Bend camping trip and the 7th grade/5ème tour of Washington, D.C. The Big Bend trip has been a tradition at Awty for over 30 years and Awty’s 7th graders have been traveling to Washington, D.C. for the past six years. While one trip explores the great outdoors and the other shows city life, history, and museums, they have a few important factors in common. Both trips allow our students to get to know their classmates and teachers in a deeper, more meaningful way. They enable students to improve skills in self-management and independence as they navigate the world without their parents for a few days. Finally, being in a new place or with new people empowers students to leave what we call the ‘comfort zone’ and get into the ‘stretch zone’ where new ideas and deeper growth can occur.





Since both programs have proven to be successful over the years, Awty decided to expand on these traditions by providing educational opportunities beyond the classroom to all students in 6th grade/6ème through 11th grade/1ère. Each student was nudged gently out of their comfort zone and given a chance to connect with the world around them in a new and different way. Students not only connected to each other, but they also connected to aspects of the curriculum, to other cultures and languages, to nature, and more.