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May 31
Last Day of School for 2018-2019

June 1 - August 21
Summer Break

August 22
First Day of School for US 

August 23
First Day of School for MS

August 26
First Day of School for LS & 1st Grade/CP

August 27
First Day of School for Kinder/GS

August 28
First Day of School for PK4/MS

August 29
First Day of School for PK3/PS


Here's a quick glance at our new full-time faculty, staff members, and administrators who have been hired since December, as well as a list of employees who are leaving Awty at the end of the school year to pursue new adventures.


Welcome to the Awty family!


At the end of the 2018-2019 school year, we will say goodbye to the following faculty and staff members. We will miss them, and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Alessandra Albin
Secondary Art Teacher

18 Years of Service

Recently, she opened her own art studio (in Silver Street Studios) where she will be working on her own art (sculptures) full time.  Click here to check out her artwork.

Mathieu Buchwald
Secondary Math Teacher

2 Years of Service

He will be going to teach in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Margaret Buehler
Secondary English Teacher

8 Years of Service

She will be teaching English at Saint Pius X High School here in Houston.

Kate Cales
Primary Kindergarten Teacher

3 Years of Service

She will be moving to Abu Dhabi to teach.

Christine Chourré
Proviseure and Deputy Head of School

5 Years of Service

She will be gaining new experience in the education field as she serves as the Head of the French School in Belgrade, Serbia.

Miranda De Vries
Deputy Head of Middle School, Dutch Program Coordinator & Teacher, Big Bend Co-Director, & Soccer Coach

17 Years of Service

She will be moving back to Holland where she will serve as the IB Coordinator at Rotterdam International Secondary School (RISS).  She also plans to spend a lot of time attending soccer and field hockey matches with her nieces and nephew (Jitte, Elin, and Siem). 

Veronique Douet
Primary CE2 Teacher

8 Years of Service

She is planning to return to Awty in the future after getting a new visa. 

Khira Edir-Specht
Secondary French Teacher

4 Years of Service

She will be moving to France where she will continue her teaching career. 

Shirin Farahani
Primary Teacher

1 Year of Service

She is expecting her first child in August. She is looking forward to staying home and taking care of her daughter.

Sophie Fernandez De Paredes
Secondary History Teacher

12 Years of Service

She will be moving to The Netherlands where she will be teaching History and Geography at Lycée français de La Haye-Amsterdam. 

Robert Kostrzeski
Co-Director of College Counseling

1 Year of Service

He will be headed to Leysin American School in Switzerland.

Emmanuelle Roussel
Secondary English Teacher

14 Years of Service

She will be moving to Fort Collins, Colorado, with her family where they will be able to spend more time exploring the mountains and the great outdoors. She will also be teaching English at a new school named Compass. 

Caroline Simoens Delmar
Secondary Science Teacher

2 Years of Service

After 15 years of traveling around the world, away from her family and friends, it is time for her to go back home!  She will settle in Lille north of France.

Guillaume Wagner
Secondary Physics  & Chemistry Teacher

4 Years of Service

He will be moving to Toronto, Canada and will be teaching at a French international school. 

Emmanuel Waymel
Secondary Math Teacher

3 Years of Service

He will be coaching math teachers and future teachers at a French university in Paris.