Houston’s Premier PK3 – 12th Grade International Day School

Annual Fund

This list reflects unrestricted and designated contributions to the Annual Fund between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. These supporters serve as partners with the school in financial strength to ensure excellence in education.

($25,000 AND ABOVE)

Mr. Chong O. Yi and Mrs. Faranak Kamali

Exxon Mobil Corporation


Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Hendry
Ms. Niloufar K. Molavi

BP America, Inc.
Mohamed Family Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable
Shell Oil Company Foundation


Anonymous (1)
Mr. Gabriel Alonso Imaz and Mrs. Teresa Sancho Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Nabil W. Arwadi
Mr. Jean-Pierre Baizan and Dr. Caroline K. Baizan
Mr. Francois J. Chauvel and Ms. Shauna K. Oppert
Ms. Lisa Darling
Mr. Ross F. Davidson and Mrs. Kristina Anderson
Mr. John J. Devins and Dr. Ronda A. Maaskant
Mr. Sherif N. Foda and Mrs. Mona Lisa Durr-Foda
Mrs. Monica E. Fulton
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Gatto, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Goddard
Mr. Dodd L. Hackman and Dr. Elena I. Hackman
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny L. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Paal Kibsgaard-Petersen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Lile
Mr. Luc J. Messier
Dr. and Mrs. Hesham Morsi
Mr. and Mrs. Trevor K. Munk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Joffrey R. Pryor
Dr. Nabeel Shalan and Mrs. Amal Attieh
Mr. and Mrs. Amir Shenaq
Mr. and Ms. Craig E. Smith, Jr.
Mr. Tao Song and Mrs. Qing Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Strachan
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Warrender

A.R. "Tony" and Maria J. Sanchez Family Foundation
Aramco Services Company
BHP Billiton Americas Inc.
The Friedkin Group, Inc.
Provine School Pictures, Inc.
W. Blair & Glen E. Waltrip Foundation
Wells Fargo & Company


Anonymous (1)
Dr. Kamran Ahrar and Dr. Judy U. Ahrar
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Aranda
Mr. and Ms. Jeffrey W. Barnes
Mr. Tom Beuscher
Dr. Ravi Bikkina and Mrs. Aparna Mikkilineni
Mr. and Mrs. Hugues A. Bourgogne
Mr. Charles R. Bunch and Ms. Lilia D. Khakimova
Dr. Hervé Chapellat and Mrs. Caroline A. O'Reardon
Mr. and Ms. Burton D. Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Gavin L. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cunningham
Mr. Samer Danial and Mrs. Lama Bchara
M. and Mme Cedric Defossez
Mr. and Mrs. Shareef M. Defrawi
Mr. and Ms. Mauricio del Valle
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Dickard
Mr. Pablo Eisner and Mrs. Tamara Saront-Eisner
Mr. and Mrs. William Esler
Dr. Tarek Fahl and Mrs. Nadia Fahl
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. Folmar Jr
Mr. and Mrs. Gianluca Forcella
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Frautschi
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Frontczak
Mr. and Ms. Randall L. Gibbs
Mr. Mauro H. Gimenez Arrillaga and Mrs. Constanza A. Coulomb
Mr. Gautam V. Gopinath and Mrs. Pauline W. Huen
Mr. Gregory Gordon and Ms. Lori G. Aylett
Mr. Joshua F. Grahmann and Mrs. Ashley E. Amy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Halow
Dr. and Mrs. Neil R. Hartley
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Haug
M. and Mme Michel Hourcard
Mr. and Mrs. Hadi Jafarzadeh
Mr. and Mrs. Brent M. Kallop
Mr. Fawad Khan and Mrs. Abeer Alattar
Mr. and Mrs. Emad E. Khedr
Ms. Christine Kirchner
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Kirchner
Ms. Karen L. Kirk
Mr. and Mme Dominique Laborde
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Lasco
Mr. Eugene E. Lee and Dr. Bridgitte S. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Lelo de Larrea
Mr. and Mrs. Damien Lhors
Mr. Ricardo J. Lopez Guinazu and Mrs. Maria M. Ardissone
Mr. Daniel Marie and Ms. Karen Joyce
Mr. Robert Mark
Mr. Morgan-Sean S. McCright
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McTernan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meacham
Mr. Hernan Morales and Ms. Christine H. Anderson
Mr. Juan G. Munoz and Mrs. Ana M. Orozco
Mr. and Mrs. Javier J. Murillo
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Neufer
Mr. Jeff Newhook and Dr. Milena Newhook
Mr. and Mrs. Tuyen Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Constantin S. Nicolae
Mr. Daniel C. Ogbonna and Dr. Martina C. Ogbonna
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Otjen
Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Patman
Mr. and Mrs. Cesaltino Pedro
Mr. Miguel Penichet and Mme Ibela Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Gérard Rampon
Mr. and Mrs. Raj Rangwani
Mr. and Mrs. Andre M. Raposo
Dr. Abdi Rasekh and Dr. Azita Madjidi
Ms. Rebecca Reyna and Ms. Sheila Kahanek
Mr. and Mrs. Bryon A. Rice
Mr. Fabrice M. Roche and Mrs. Amanda M. Roche
Mr. Erik R. Roussel and Mrs. Barbara Schult
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Schroeder
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Seitz
Dr. Dipan J. Shah and Mrs. Angela Chakravarti-Shah
Mr. and Mrs. Khaled A. Sharafeldin
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Tom W. Stus
Dr. Jose Suarez and Mrs. Ana Gaviria
Mr. Stephen B. Summers and Mr. Glen Gonzalez
Dr. Cyril Tawa and Dr. Catherine Karmel
Mr. and Mme Amro Teirelbar
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Tonnel
Mr. John A. Turner
Mr. William J. Walker and Ms. Laura E. Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Waugh
Mr. Brian T. Williams and Ms. Le Hammer
Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel R. Wilson
Dr. Libbyette Wright and Ms. Wendy Donald-Wright

Anadarko Petroleum Corp. Matching Gifts
The Caryll M. and Norman F. Sprague Jr. Foundation
The Gelb Family Foundation
Houston Haymon Fund at the Baton Rouge Area Foundation
John J. Frautschi Family Foundation, Inc.
Kinder Morgan
Mingst-Stone Trust
Shell Oil Company Foundation
The Winfrey Foundation, The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund


Anonymous (5)
Dr. and Mrs. Fadi Alameddine
Dr. Mohamed S. Ali and Mrs. Alcira D. Molina-Ali
Mr. Rodrigo Amare and Mrs. Ana Escalona
Mr. Uluc Arikan and Dr. Ayse Akcan Arikan
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bailey
Dr. Brian K. Bednarski and Dr. Karen A. Bednarski
Dr. Kenneth G. Berliner
Mr. Olivier Biebuyck and Mrs. Veronic Peremans
Mr. Darron Black and Mrs. Hang Qiu
Mr. and Mrs. Olivier M. Burtz
Mr. Michael Campbell and Mrs. Julie Y. Harrouet
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Carrere
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Cassulo
Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Chacón
Dr. Nicolau Chamma and Mrs. Marcia Chamma
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Cofer
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Cutchall
Mr. Don Davis
Mr. Dagoberto de la Morena and Mrs. Kristin E. Adler
Mr. Jean-Paul Mogou Dessap and Ms. Amy Prevatt-Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dillon
Mr. and Mme Patrick J. Dwyer
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Dyke
Mr. and Mrs. Armistead Easterby
Mr. Jérôme Faivre and Ms. Sarah Faivre-Ovion
Mr. and Mrs. Rene J. Felius
Mr. Mauro Fenoglio and Mrs. Mariateresa Sgrignuoli
Ms. Romina J. Foster
Mr. Philippe J. Gaillot and Mme Gwladys S. Gaillot
Mr. Oscar Garcia
Ms. Blanca L. Garza
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Gell
Mr. and Mrs. Jay J. Harpole
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Helman
Dr. and Mrs. Mark H. Henry
Mr. Nicolae Horodinca and Dr. Sarah K. Nicholas
Mr. Andrew M. Irving and Dr. Sandra J. Irving
Dr. and Mrs. Amir Karni
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Kraft
Dr. and Ms. Alexander J. Lazar
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Mallon
Mr. and Mrs. Sergey V. Malygin
Ms. Conalee Masera
Mr. Robert Meyer
Dr. Laurent Nassif and Dr. Anriada Nassif
Dr. Sundar Natarajan and Ms. Pavithra Mani
Dr. Jacobo Nurko and Mrs. Ingrid Cheskes-Nurko
Dr. and Ms. Andrey Omeltchenko
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Partridge
Ms. Victoria L. Waltrip Persichetti
Mr. John C. Powell and Ms. Lana S. Rigsby
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas T. Reifel
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Riley
Mr. Juan C. Rodriguez and Mrs. Adriana Mejia
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Salek
Mr. and Mrs. Jose R. Scionti
Dr. and Mrs. Naoki N. Shimizu
Dr. Karanbir Singh and Mrs. Maala Singh
Mr. Fredrick L. Smith and Mrs. Tiffany D. Avery-Smith
Ms. Gesina Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Tracy
Mr. Thieleman A. Versteeg and Mrs. Johanna H. Versteeg-Van Silfhout
Mr. Laurent Villegas and Dr. Esra Inan Villegas
Dr. Robert W. Wellner and Dr. Julia S. Wellner
Mr. Zain Willoughby and Ms. Anastasia Lim
Dr. Jun Yao and Dr. Bin Wang

Bank of Tokyo
Bristow Group
Christine and Mark Laskin Family Fund
The GE Foundation
Shepley Bullfinch


Anonymous (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Azim Alamshenas
Mr. Gwenael P. Allain and Mme Norma D. Fisk
Mr. S. Adnan Amjad and Dr. Nuzha A. Amjad
Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Angeli
Mr. Danny Bahrani
Mr. and Mrs. Jasmin Begagic
Mr. Sylvain Beigneux and Ms. Lénaïg Seznec
Mr. David M. Best and Mrs. Sheri L. McDonald
Ms. Cherie Chalk
Mme Christine Chourré
Mr. and Mrs. Philippe Claux
Ms. Lynda R. Clemmons
Mr. Todd H. Colvard and Mrs. Kelly M. Moneyhan
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Dabney
Mrs. Barbara de Marigny
Mr. Richard Debney and Ms. Geraldine McEwan
M. Frank J. Demaille and Mrs. Alexandra M. Baranger
Mr. John Dimech and Mrs. Esther Huijpen
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund A. Donaldson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Dunkel
Dr. Florent Elefteriou and Dr. Xiangli Y. Elefteriou
Mr. James K. Elston and Mrs. Jennifer L. Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ervin
Dr. Julie Fette
Mr. Eduardo Figueredo and Mrs. Sandra Nadin-Figueredo
Mr. Jean-François Genay
Mr. and Mrs. Luis G. Gonzalez
Mr. Rodolfo H. Gonzalez and Mrs. Maria C. Leon Carri
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. High
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Horn
Dr. and Mrs. Ahmad M. Jeroudi
Mrs. Misty A. Khan
Dr. Gokhan Kilic and Dr. Banu Arun
Dr. Jeffrey Kralik and Dr. Tammy Kang
Mr. Jesse J. Lepa and Ms. Chantel M. Olufsen-Lepa
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Luik
Mr. Andrew MacLean and Dr. Heidi Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Matthes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Meyer
Mr. and Ms. Timothy J. Morgan
Dr. Pablo Motta and Dr. Margarita Martirena
Mr. Michael W. Nydegger and Ms. Pamela M. Dorsey
Mr. and Mrs. Laurent Pardigon
Mr. Tibor Patyi and Mrs. Adrienn N. Balogh
Mr. Benjamin Pinkert and Mrs. Valerie Dejaeghere
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Yves Pinvidic
Mrs. Yelena A. Pleshkova
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch A. Reid
Mr. Nigel Roberts and Ms. Kirsty Downing
Mr. Wimal Samlal and Mrs. Carmen Samlal-Bakas
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Shenaq
Mr. Steven Sidney and Mrs. Laurel Finger
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Smith
Dr. Gregory B. Stock and Ms. Lori B. Fish
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Thethi
Mr. Denys Thorez and Mrs. Monika Hraby
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Toledano
Mr. and Mrs. Egon E. van der Hoeven
M. and Mme Sébastien Villert
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Way
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. West
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Wolfsteiner
Dr. Sheng Xu and Dr. Wenli Huang
Mr. and Mrs. Salim Zakhem

Baker Hughes Inc.
NRG Energy, Inc.
Safeway, Inc. for the Randalls

(UP TO $499)

Anonymous (32)
Mr. and Mrs. Ali Abba Kaka
Mr. and Mrs. Tasneem A. Abbasi
Mr. and Mrs. Wael Abbouchi
Mr. and Mrs. Hector E. Acevedo
Ms. Lara Afifi
Mr. Arash Afkhami and Mrs. Raheleh Ansari
Mr. Jose Aguilar
Mr. Jose Agustin Aguilar
Mr. Salim Ahmed and Mrs. Andrea N. Garcia-Ahmed
Mr. Ruben S. Alanis
Mr. Sebastian Alanis
Mr. and Mrs. Enriqué Albin
Mr. Ahmed Aldabbas
Mr. and Mrs. Diego G. Alexander
Mr. Mohammed A. Al-Homaid and Mme Najat A. Al-Shaibi
Ms. Emille Allain-Fournier
Mr. and Ms. Jean-Christophe Allais
Mr. and Mrs. Ali Al-Maqtari
Ms. Sundus Alqaysi
Ms. Maria Veronica Amador
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Ambrosino
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Anderson
Ms. Kelsey Andrews
Ms. Marianne Andrewski
Mrs. Diana Armentor
Ms. Aixa Avila-Mendoza
Mr. Robert G. Azencott and Mrs. Sara J. Rothenberg
Mr. Michael Baker
Mr. Edward Baldridge
Mr. and Mme Aziz Bamik
Mr. and Mrs. Karim N. Barbir
Mr. Janarus Basile
M. Gautier J. Baudot and Mme Femina Affandi-Baudot
Mr. Saagou Bawara and Mrs. Martha Perkins-Bawara
Ms. Filiz E. Baykal
Mr. Felipe Bayon and Mrs. Maria E. Cuellar
Ms. Zulfia Bazylchuk
Mr. Marc-Etienne F. Beaudet and Ms. Brigitte M. Hunt
Mr. Syvain Bedouet and Mme Claire Bruno-Bedouet
Mr. and Mrs. Guy P. Benet
Ms. Jennifer F. Berg
Ms. Gwen Bergman
Mr. Olivier Berthaud and Mme Sabine Berthaud-Brehmer
Mrs. Renata Bevilacqua
Mr. George H. Boerger and Mrs. Florence L. Guihéneuf-Boerger
Mr. Gustavo J. Botto and Mrs. Lucila Tornielli
Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Marc Bourdin
Mr. and Mme Laurent Bouvet
Dr. and Mrs. Gokay Bozkurt
Ms. Janet Bridger
Mr. and Mrs. Troy A. Bringle
Dr. Justin R. Brock and Dr. Renee M. Brock
Ms. Deborah T. Brook
Mr. Graeme Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Buchanan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Buehler
Ms. Taymur E. Bunkheila
Mr. and Ms. Alejandro Burgaleta
Dr. Chengzhi Cai and Ms. Jiayao Pang
Ms. Kate Cales
Ms. Silvia Calvo-Luis
M. and Mrs. Francois Canal
Ms. Gwen R. Cario
Mr. Philippe C. Carré and Mrs. Arlene Carré
Ms. Janet L. Case
Mr. Mario Cerna
Mr. Steven Cesarek
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Chajecki
Mr. Fabien Chalas and Mme Valerie Gaskin-Chalas
Mr. Mohamad Chehab and Dr. Ronda Fenn Chehab
Mr. Bert A. Chenin and Mrs. Lamis G. Boz
Dr. and Mrs. Abdallah Cherif
Mr. John Chesterton
Mr. David F. Chiang
Ms. Lynn Chow
Mrs. Josefina Cisneros-Carrizales
Mr. and Mrs. Olivier N. Clauss
Mrs. Penelope Cleveland
Mr. Harry T. Clonan and Mrs. Anne N. Chavarot-Clonan
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Clopton
Mr. Steven Cochran
M. Pascal P. Colomb and Mme Catalina Saenz Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cormier
Mr. and Mrs. Hugo M. Coumont
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Coustures
Mr. Jonathan E. Crane and Mrs. Helen M. Crane-Naaijer
Mr. and Mrs. José L. Cubria
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Culbreath
Mr. Gregory M. Cullinan and Mrs. Zuzette L. Payan Cullinan
Mr. Mauricio de Font Réaulx and Mrs. Ana Castañeda
Mr. and Mrs. Brent de Jong
Mr. José de la Garza and Mrs. Erika Benavente-Mancilla
Mr. and Mrs. Anastacio de Leon
Mr. and Mrs. Richard de Moucheron
Mr. and Mrs. Jose L. de Moura
Mr. Martin de Penne Rouge
Mr. and Mme Geoffroy H. de Rorthays
Ms. Maria Anna A. De Vries
Mr. Sinan Deliormanli and Dr. Didem Oner-Deliormanli
Ms. Helena F. Deman
Mr. Thomas J. Deman and Mrs. Olivia R. Simoen-Deman
Mr. and Mrs. Thierry Dequin
M. and Mrs. Jean des Boscs
Mr. and Ms. Derek C. Detring
Mr. and Mrs. Mikael Devesa
Ms. Ambria Dewever
Ms. Soraya Diaz Tamayo
Mr. Kaustubh V. Dighe and Dr. Rachana K. Dighe
Mr. David Ding and Ms. Michelle Guan
Mr. and Mrs. Chris DiPaolo
Ms. JoAnn Doria
Mr. and Mme Olivier Dott
Mr. Herve Duclos and Ms. Veronique Douet
Mr. Raymond Drexler and Mrs. Stéphanie St-Jean
Ms. Louise Dreyfus
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Drummer
Ms. Chantal Duke
M. and Mme Xavier G. Dumas
Mr. and Mrs. Zubeyir Dundar
Dr. Brian J. Dunkin and Dr. Annie C. Dunkin
Mr. Dario E. Duran and Mrs. Beatriz E. Barbosa
Mr. Richard Durst
M. and Mme Frederic Echegut
Ms. Khira Edir-Specht
Mr. William R. Eldridge
Dr. Dirk C. Engel and Mrs. Lammechiena Kroezen
Ms. Monica L. Everett
Ms. Farnaz Faiaz
Mr. and Mme Jerôme Fallon
Dr. Fahim M. Farhat and Dr. Rita A. Makhlouf
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Felker
Mr. Pablo Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Troy A. Fields
Mr. Edgar Figueroa and Ms. Marcela A. Jauregui
Mr. Michael Flanet and Mrs. Corinne Sonnet
Ms. Erna Forbes
Mr. Alexander Forrest
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Frommert
Ms. Carmen D. Gabuzzi
Ms. Kathryn E. Garcia
Ms. Marcelle A. Gharibeh
Mr. Magdy E. Ghattas and Mrs. Hedy T. Mankarios
Ms. Angela Glidewell
Mr. Jaime R. Gomez and Mrs. Lumay A. Viloria-Gomez
Mr. Antonio Gonzales
Ms. Elida Gonzalez
Mr. Thomas O. Gorin and Mrs. Florence M. Carrier
Ms. Kim Gowen
Mr. and Mme Olivier Grapin
Mr. Thomas E. Greene and Dr. Anshula Greene
Ms. Ruthanne Greenwood
Mr. David C. Griffiths and Mrs. Catherine G. Mackenzie-Griffiths
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grosvenor
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Gurevich
Ms. Elli-Mari Gurnsey
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Haddad
Ms. Giti Haghkah
Mr. and Mrs. Zain K. Hak
Mr. Ryan Harlan
Mr. and Mrs. Phelps J. Harmon
Mr. Edward M. Harris Jr. and Ms. Doreen F. Hanrahan
Mr. and Mrs. Loïc Haslin
Mr. Tao He and Mrs. Man Jin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heintz
Ms. Rosalind Herendeen
Dr. and Mrs. Wyman Herendeen
Mr. Andres Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome P. Hertereau
Mr. Andrew M. Hightower
Mr. Jacob Hill
Mrs. Ellen Hirs
Ms. Stephanie Holzmann
Mr. Michael Hostler and Ms. Kari L. Hostler
Mr. Frederic F. Houville
Ms. Jennie Howard
Ms. Joanne Howard
Mr. Michael Infante and Ms. Ann Infante
Mr. and Mrs. Constantin Ionesco
Mr. and Mrs. Vladimir Ivanova
Dr. and Mrs. Elias Jabbour
Ms. Deanna Jackson
Mr. Nicholas Jadot and Mrs. Sandrine Jadot
Ms. Martine Jéhan
Mrs. Laure Joseph
M. and Mme Jean Claude Joyeux
Mr. Marijan Jurcic
Dr. Cihan M. Kadipasaoglu
Mr. and Mrs. Sanjay Kalra
Mr. and Mrs. Yeonsik Kang
Ms. Rusol G. Karralli
Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Kelleher
Ms. Pamela C. Kellet
Dr. and Mrs. Asadullah Khan
Ms. Sharareh Khatami
Mr. Srinivas Koumounduri
Ms. Jill M. L'Abbate
Mr. and Mrs. Francois Labesse
Ms. Caroline Lassiter
Mr. and Mrs. Truett Latimer
Ms. Barbara Lavabre
Mr. Thomas Lawson and Mrs. Beverly Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Olivier Le Coz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leach
Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Lecerf
Mr. Francis Jack Lee and Ms. Marie-Dominique Y. Lee
Mr. and Mme Cyril Leenhardt
Mr. Romain O. Lemoine and Mrs. Carrie A. Holdinsky Lemoine
Mr. Steven A. Leverette
Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Leverette
Mr. James P. Lewis and Mrs. Patricia G. Tee Lewis
Ms. Jouxlyn Ligutti
Mrs. Ana Linares
Ms. Lucia Linares
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Linn
Mrs. Allison Lorenzo
Mr. and Mrs. Raphaäl Louvrier
Mr. and Mrs. Mason Lowe
Mr. Jack Lyons
Mrs. Kiley Mackell
Ms. Elisabeth Madec Foley
Mr. Zhibin Mai and Mrs. Yibei Gou
Ms. Zena Majdalani
Mr. and Mrs. Zeeshan Makhani
Mr. and Mrs. Myron J. Malek
Mr. and Ms. Ara B. Malkhassian
Mr. Jason Mamedov and Dr. Farah Mamedov
Dr. Jan Mangal and Mrs. Mariza Rosado-Mangal
Ms. Eliana Marchani
Mr. Javier Marin and Mrs. Xochitl Marin
Mr. Jorge Marquez
Mr. Mario Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Matthews
Ms. Françoise M. Matz
Dr. and Mrs. Osama Mawlawi
Mr. Malcolm McCorquodale
Dr. Patricia McFarlin
Ms. Colette McWilliams
Mr. Shelby Megarity and Mrs. Christine Megarity
Mr. Tao Mei and Ms. Yan Li
Mr. Franscico Melendez
Mr. and Mrs. Olegario J. Mendoza
Mr. Yves B. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Micäelli
Dr. David Miller and Dr. Sally E. Miller
Ms. Wendy Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. John Mixon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Mohring
Ms. Jean Boyd Molly
Ms. Sana Momin
Dr. Othon Monteiro and Dr. Maria Ximenes
Ms. Veronique Moore
Mr. Leonardo E. Morales and Mrs. Yvonne E. Gonzalez
Mr. Frank G. Mose and Dr. Brigitte Mose
Ms. Carol Munn
Mr. and Mrs. Olivier Mustiere
Ms. Aileen M. Nadin-DeLaTorre
Ms. Taylor L. Napier-Runnels
Mr. Ray N. Nash and Mrs. Carol A. Nash
Mr. Hamidreza Nazemi
Mrs. Eliane L. Nguyen
Ms. Marie-Hélène S. Nguyen
Mr. Harry O. Nicodemus, IV
Ms. Marie Nicolas
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan M. Nogues
Dr. Enrique F. Novoa and Dr. Pulchérie C. Gueneau de Novoa
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Odom
J. Patrick Offner
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Offner
Mr. and Ms. William Ohrt
Mr. Horacio Olea
Ms. Jennifer L. Olufsen
Dr. Luis F. Ospina and Mrs. Catherine Lopez
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Paddon-Jones
Ms. Maria S. Paez De Salinas
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Page
Mrs. Pavlina Paleva
Dr. Raja Palvadi and Dr. Priti Palvadi
Dr. and Mrs. Hesam M. Panahi
Ms. Lina E. Panahi
Mr. and Mrs. Sean C. Parks
Mr. Arulampalam Pathman and Mrs. Ghislaine Deschanel-Pathman
Mrs. Lydia Peeran
M. and Mme Jerome Pelletan
Mr. Jose I. Peralta and Mrs. Cybele Y. Henriquez
Mr. Christophe J. Person and Mrs. Beatrice M. De Gouyon-Person
Ms. Kaitlyn Pflughaupt
Mrs. Laura Pflughaupt
Mr. Jean-Marc Pietrzyk and Mrs. Frederique Terk
Mr. and Mrs. Marco A. Pinon
Dr. David A. Pivnik and Ms. Carol M. Ciccarelli
Mr. Frederick B. Plummer and Mrs. Sigrid B. Melle
Mrs. Kerry Polzin
Ms. Julie Porter
Dr. Dmitriy I. Potapenko and Dr. Mariya M. Potapenko
Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Luc Poupard
Mr. Laurent E. Prat and Mme Anne-Cecile F. Hardy
Mr. Akkaiah C. Prathipati and Ms. Saritha Pallempati
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Pyles
Mrs. Marylyn S. Raia
Dr. and Mrs. Arshad A. Ramji
Ms. Maritza L. Ramos
Mr. John Ransom, II
Mr. and Mrs. Sanjay J. Remond
Mr. and Mme Arnaud V. Renard
Mr. Daniel H. Richards
Ms. Ana C. Rios
Mrs. Maria Rios
Mr. Gilles Ripoche and Mme Fanny Ripoche-Deswarte
Mr. and Mrs. Artemio J. Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Luis E. Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Rohrbach
Mr. Gerardo Rojas and Mrs. Naomi Rinche
Mr. Larry Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Gilles L. Roussel
Mr. and Mrs. Timothée Roux
Mr. Jose A. Ruiz
Mr. Stéphane P. Ruz and Mrs. Claire Ruz
Mr. Saad Z. Said and Dr. May Akrawi
Mr. and Mrs. Mani Salahshoor
Mr. Luis A. Saldivar and Mrs. Iris Herrera
Ms. Rayya Salem
Mr. Rafael Saravia
Dr. and Mrs. Achal Sarna
Mr. Vianney Savajol
Mr. Jean Baptiste Schauinger
Mrs. Shaun Schindewolf
Mr. Richard Schmitt
Mr. Nicholas Schuessler
Ms. Diane Schumacher
Mr. Stephen Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Curt D. Seecharan
Dr. Jean-Christophe Sempere and Dr. Janet E. Sempere
Ms. Sofèa Sescosse
Mr. Randle B. Seymour
Ms. Ruth Shammas
Mrs. Gina L. Sharman
Mr. and Mme Robert S. Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Chris W. Shearon
Mrs. Jane S. Shepard
Mrs. Jessica F. Simon
Mr. Oliver P. Simottel
Ms. Charity Singletary
Mr. Dimitri Sivov and Mrs. Alexandra M. Pasquier
Dr. John M. Slade and Mrs. Carol SingletonSlade
Mr. Robert J. Sload and Mrs. Lisa A. Sload
Ms. Cristina Soria
Ms. Catherine Sovany
Mrs. Patrizia F. Stankovich
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Stone
Ms. Amy Stugart
Ms. Yara Suki
M. and Mme Christophe Tardieu
Ms. Marie Tchokounte
Mr. and Mrs. Efrain Torres
Ms. Michele L. Totah
Nadia and Abderrahmane Triki
Ms. Delphine Trogneux
Mr. Anton Truong
Mrs. Constance S. Turner
Ms. JoBeth L. Umali
Ms. Isabel Van Dyck
Ms. Debora Vela
Ms. Celeste Verastegui
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Vetters
Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Vibert
Mr. Felipe Villasenor and Mrs. Maria Cristina Villasenor
Dr. Jean-Charles M. Voillemont and Mme Hee Ji Choi
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Von Dohlen
Mr. Guillaume Wagner and Mrs. Myriam Wagner
Ms. Lori Wagner
Mr. Greg Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Watson
Ms. Cynthia Webber
Mr. Jacques A. Weber
Ms. Wendy Weil
Mrs. Susan I. Colton Weisel
Mr. and Mrs. Greg R. Wellen
Mr. David Wells and Mrs. Maria Soberon-Wells
Ms. Leah Westbrook
Mr. Gareth W. Western
Mrs. Dottie Wichmann
Mr. Arthur Williams
Mr. Carroll Williams
Mr. Tommy Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Williamson
Ms. Kristine Winegarden
Mr. William G. Winkler and Mrs. Jemima B. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Olivier Winter
Mrs. Lisa Wolff and Mr. Fabian Wolff
Mr. Roman Wolff and Mrs. Patricia N. Seller-Wolff
Dr. and Mrs. Sau-Wai Wong
Ms. Meggie Wu
Mr. Ingmar L. Yao and Prof. Beatrice M. Riviere
Mr. Keith Yost
Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. Young
Ms. Lindsay Youngdahl
Mr. Sasha Yuksek and Mrs. Catherine Fee Yuksek
Mr. and Mrs. Nadim B. Zabaneh
Ms. Christelle Zaharatos
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zambonini
Dr. and Ms. Yuxuan Zhang
Ms. Tairong Zheng
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Zoorob
Mr. David Zsigo and Mrs. Maria Zsigo
Ms. Odile Zupan

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