Houston’s Premier PK3 – 12th Grade International Day School

Class of 2017

Awty's Class of 2017 contained 109 members with 75 in the International Section and 34 in the French Bilingual Section. The following information reflects the Class of 2017's IB and BAC scores, college matriculation, and end-of-year awards and accolades.


Since Awty began requiring the program in 1996, our students have continuously achieved outstanding results and the same held true for the Class of 2017. Seventy-four of the 75 candidates passed the rigorous, externally assessed IB exams. Awty students earned an average of 34 out of a possible 45 cumulative exam points. The highest score attained by an individual student was 43 out of 45 possible points. In addition, 15 of the IB diplomas awarded to Awty students were bilingual diplomas.

The French Baccalauréat results for the Class of 2017 were nothing short of stellar again this year. For the 16th consecutive year, the pass rate was at 100% with all 34 students successfully passing the 2017 French Bac. Nine students obtained the Bac with high honors (Mention Très Bien) and seven students with honors (Mention Bien), which are both considered as “A” students by the French Ministry of National Education. Finally, 12 students received Mention Assez Bien on the Bac while six received Mention Passable.

IB RESULTS 2008 - 2017
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Passed Failed

BAC RESULTS 2008-2017
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Très Bien Bien Assez Bien Passable


Australia (1)
The University of Western Australia

Canada (10)
Bishop's University
Concordia University – Montreal (3)
McGill University (3)
University of British Columbia (3)

France (12)
Catholic University of Lyon
ECAM Rennes
Ecole de Communication Visuelle
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette
ESAG Penninghen
IESEG School of Management – Lille (2)
IUT A de Lille
Paris Lycée Fénelon Paris
Université de Technologie de Compiègne
Universite d'Angers

Italy (3)
Universita Bocconi (3)

The Netherlands (3)
HZ University of Applied Sciences
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Universiteit Leiden

United Kingdom (7)
Guildhall School of Music & Drama
Imperial College London
The University of Edinburgh
University College London (2)
University of Bath
University of Strathclyde

United States (72)
American University
Babson College (2)
Boston College
Boston University
Carnegie Mellon University (2)
Clemson University
Colgate University
Emory University
Louisiana State University (2)
New York University (4)
Northeastern University (3)
Occidental College
Oregon State University
Rhodes College
Rice University (2)
Sarah Lawrence College
Scripps College
Spelman College
Stephen F. Austin State University
Swarthmore College
Texas A&M University (2)
Texas Christian University
Texas Tech University (2)
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The University of Texas, Austin (14)
The University of Texas, San Antonio
Trinity University (2)
Tufts University (3)
United States Military Academy - Army
University of California, Los Angeles (2)
University of Chicago
University of Houston (4)
University of Houston, Clear Lake
University of La Verne
University of Miami
University of Michigan
University of Rochester (2)
University of Southern California
Vassar College
Villanova University


Anaelle Lahitte-Croharé, French Bilingual Section
Marcos Julian Botto Tornielli, International Section

Graduation Awards
APPA Citizenship Award – Tayma Machkhas and Jasmine Roy
Community Service Award – Margaret Schroeder
Head of School's Award – Clayton Meyer
Kathleen Awty Award – Karim Machkhas

College Counseling Awards
National Merit Finalist – Marcos Botto Tornielli

National Merit Semifinalist – Mohammad Jafri

National Merit Commended Students – Vera Conrad, Alice Johansen, Rebeka Mrozkiewicz, Chan Mye Myint Thu, and Margaret Schroeder

National Hispanic Scholars – Paula Ayala, Pedro Folkerts, Beatriz Gras, Rebeka Mrozkiewicz, and Rachael Totz

International Section Awards
Literature – Vera Conrad
English Language & Literature SL – Alice Johansen
English Language & Literature HL – Chan Mye Myint Thu
Excellence in Writing – Clayton Meyer
Don Koenig Award – Stephanie Hallow
Economics – Elena Spadini and Anahita Bordoloi
Math Studies – Gavi Silverman
Math SL – Elena Spadini
Advanced Calculus – Yannick Versteeg
AMC 12 – Yannick Versteeg
Psychology – Gavi Silverman
Computer – Alice Johansen
Art – Aliya Khan
Debra Shannon Performaing Arts –Vera Conrad
Biology – Aliya Khan
Physics – Yannick Versteeg
Chemistry – Bianca Rusu
Environmental Systems/Societies – Rebecca Sax
TOK – Marcos Botto Tornieli
Extended Essay – Lauren Carrere
Chinese 3rd Language – Dylan Rodriguez
Chinese A Language and Literature HL – Jingyi Song
Dutch Language & Literature HL – Paula Reumer
Dutch Language and Literature SL – Yannick Versteeg
Russian Language & Literature – Vera Conrad
French A Language & Literature – Evin Heintz
French B HL – Marcos Botto Tornielli
French B SL – Margaret Schroeder
Spanish A1/A2 – Ximena Reyes Torres
Spanish B HL – Elena Spadini
Spanish B SL – Phoebe Blott
Spanish Certificate – Omar Issa
Spanish B Abinitio – Anastasia Smith
Claudia Lopez Award – Tamara Bissat
Arabic Abinitio – Tayma Machkhas
IB Theater Arts – Natalie Schorn
Theater Productions Top Male – Jon Donaldson
Theater Productions Top Female – Beatriz Gras
Orchestra – Anahita Bordoloi
Band – Marcos Botto Tornielli
Newspaper – Rustin Rassoli
Model UN – Louis Shaw
CAS – Beatriz Gras

French Bilingual Section Awards
English OIB Terminale S – Anaelle Lahitte-Croharé
English OIB Terminale ES/L – Justine Pietrzyk
Anglais Terminale ES – Coralie de Loynes
Anglais Terminale S – Maïlys De Maisonneuve
History OIB – Anaelle Lahitte-Croharé
Histoire-Geography Terminales S – Maïlys De Maisonneuve
Histoire-Geography Terminales ES/L – Coralie de Loynes
Economie – Justine Pietrzyk
Economie Spec – Justine Pietrzyk
Math S – Apolline Brisson
Math Spec – Apolline Brisson
Math ES / L – Hassane Abba Kaka
Math ES Spec – Hassane Abba Kaka
Philosophy ES – Justine Pietrzyk
Philosophy S – Anaelle Lahitte-Croharé
Art French – Anaelle Lahitte-Croharé
SVT S – Maïlys De Maisonneuve
SVT Spec – Anaelle Lahitte-Crohare
Physique/Chimie S – Maïlys De Maisonneuve
Physics Spec – François Thomas
Physical Education – Diane Benoit de Coignac
Latin – Maïlys De Maisonneuve
Chinois – Ines Rousset
Chinois LV3 – Yoann Dequin
Espagnol S – Maïlys De Maisonneuve
Espangnol ES – Paul Bourgogne