December 2-19
Toy Drive

December 11
PK4 / MS Show
8:45 a.m.

December 13
Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony

December 13-14
US Theatre
Dec. 13 at 7:00 p.m.
Dec. 14 at 2:30 & 7:30 p.m.
Fine Arts Recital Hall

December 15
MS Band Holiday Concert
6:00 p.m.

December 16
US Band & Orchestra Holiday Concert
6:00 p.m.

December 19
Santa & Fire Fighters Visit

December 20
Last full day of class before the Holiday Break

December 21, 2019 - January 5, 2020
Holiday Break

January 6
School Resumes


Awty earns green sustainability grant

Last spring, Awty's Sustainability Program Director Olivier Logette and STEAM Program Director Robert Sload partnered with Green Mountain Energy Sun Club to create a unique sustainability project that affects the entire Awty Community. The "Container Project" converted two 20' shipping containers into fully functional growing facilities/laboratories.


Delivered during fall break, the hydroponics container is a ready-made, state-of-the-art hydroponics laboratory. The environmental controls ensure that optimal light, temperature, and nutrients maximize plant growth. The aquaponics container, currently under construction, is essentially a fish farm. Students in our newly created aquaponics/ hydroponics elective were actively involved with the design and flow modelling phases of the project.

The new solar array located on the PAAC roof powers both containers, giving the project a net zero energy footprint. While primarily a learning center, the vegetables and fish harvested from the project will serve as locally sourced ingredients for Sage Dining on campus.

We have waited to announce the project until there were tangible elements to share with the community. The containers are located between the PAAC and the Lower School. Please stay tuned for further updates as the project develops.


Two former astronauts, Julie Payette and Dominic “Tony” Antonelli, visited Awty to speak with the 7th grade/5ème students and an Upper School class about space exploration!


Payette is a Canadian born former astronaut who is bilingual in English and French. In 1999, Payette became the second Canadian woman ever to go into space. She was also a capsule communicator at the Missions Control Center in Houston for several years and is now Canada’s Governor General.

Antonelli retired from NASA after serving 15 years as an astronaut and space shuttle pilot. He has two degrees in aeronautics and astronautics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Washington. In total, Antonelli logged 24 days, three hours, and 57 minutes in space.

Students were able to hear about their experiences, learn about space travel, and ask questions! The former astronauts were happy to take pictures with the students and even sign some autographs. Overall, you could say the experience was out of this world!

Thank you to Lockheed Martin for helping to make the event possible.

Awty's 2019 Fall Fun Festival - Jurassic Awty!

It was a dino-mite fall day for the dinosaurs to roam the Earth and take over Awty's campus during the 2019 Fall Fun Festival, Jurassic Awty. Hundreds of members of the Awty community came out and had a roaring good time at the annual event hosted by the Awty Parents and Personnel Association (APPA) on October 26.


The APPA would like to thank all of the incredible volunteers and families who made the festival a giant success! The Awty spirit was present and shining brightly! Without our parent volunteers, especially this year’s event chairs Abeer Alattar and Dalia Moftah, this event would not have been possible. Special thanks to the Sage Dining staff and Awty's maintenance staff, as well as the festival sponsors including the Awty Alumni Association, The Dentists at Greenway, and CAPS & bold, for stomping on over and bringing the prehistoric times to life on Awty's campus.


While most of us were camping out at Awty during Imelda, the 9th grade/3ème students had a fun time and all of the great weather during their fall trip to Camp Buckner!

The Hate U Give

by Vivian Wu, 11th grade

With a student body that represents over 60 countries, The Awty International School is known for embracing diversity and encouraging cultural fusion. Every year, Awty hosts an International Festival as well as a variety of cultural assemblies dedicated to certain heritages such as Chinese New Year, Francophonie, Go Texan Day, and many more. In order to further this mission of inclusiveness, the school decided to inspire a day of discussion by taking a trip to the movie theater to watch The Hate U Give.


Sam Waugh, Head of Upper School, explained the origins of this idea, which has been in the works since December 2018. He said it all started with Kenady Scott, a current senior, who asked him to be her supervisor for her extended essay on The Hate U Give. After reading the novel and finding it intriguing, Mr. Waugh decided to request the committee of grade level coordinators to give it a read as well. Upon acknowledging the fact that a possible project revolving around The Hate U Give could benefit Awty and its international community, the faculty then set to work planning this unforgettable day.

The Hate U Give was released on October 18 of last year and has gained critical acclaim ever since. Based on a book of the same title by Angie Thomas, the movie revolves around a young girl named Starr who witnesses the death of her friend due to police brutality. This issue of police brutality has been circulating in the United States for years and has always caused controversy in the media and justice system. In order to fully understand the implications of this issue, as well as its ties to the overarching racism at hand, Awty arranged for the entire Upper School to attend a private viewing of The Hate U Give on September 9 at the nearby Edwards Marq*E theater followed by an afternoon of discussions and workshops.

The day started off with a brief introduction by the student council president Tyler Nokleby. 

“The purpose of today is not to convince anyone else,” stated Nokleby. “It is to broaden our views and perhaps consider a perspective that we have not considered before.”

He also introduced two of the guest speakers including Blessing Utomi, a sophomore at Columbia University, and Raven Schwam-Curtis, a junior at Cornell University. Both speakers are Awty graduates from recent years.

Before the movie started, Clint Smith, Awty alumnus Class of 2006 and current Ph.D. student at Harvard, shared the way he expresses his struggles and experiences being an African-American. Clint is a National Poetry Slam Champion who believes the issues revolving around African-Americans today are encompassed by decades of historical discrimination. He gave an overview of a compressed outline of American history in relation to the rights of African Americans and asserted that it is an injustice to expect African Americans to forgive and move on in a time period that is only one-seventh of the time period in which they faced dehumanization and contempt from society. He also spoke of how he relates to Starr in the movie, who like most African-American kids, received “the talk” from their parents at a young age. Unlike what this phrase usually denotes, “the talk” within the African-American community is when the parent teaches their kids the procedure to follow if stopped by law enforcement. In order to avoid this cycle of violence between police and African-Americans, parents have resorted to this method to fully ensure their child’s safety.


After the movie, a panel discussion consisting of seven speakers took place to help showcase the real-life connections to The Hate U Give. One of the speakers was Arthur Williams, a former Texas state trooper who served for 23 years and now works for security at Awty. He explained the technicalities of the scene where the police officer shoots Starr’s friend and points out the mistakes that both the police officer and Starr’s friend made.

Columbia sophomore Utomi recalled his struggles to navigate both the black community at home with a single mother and four kids, as well as the private international school community with classmates of a higher socioeconomic status. From getting to Awty by taking two Metro buses to seeing the school garage filled with Range Rovers, Mercedes, and other luxury vehicles, Utomi said he had to make an effort to not let these details drag him down and instead motivate him to work even harder.

Cornell junior Schwam-Curtis shared her personal experiences of code switching at home and school which occurs when an individual utilizes different linguistics for different situations or spaces. Sometimes, Schwam-Curtis even felt she was almost alternating personalities while at home and at school.

Ruben Trochet, a student in the French program at Awty, explained the differences between the overarching issue of discrimination in France as well as the United States. He stated discrimination and exclusion in France are more so towards certain religions and that they rarely build up to violence due to the lack of weapon availability. As for the discrimination and exclusion in the United States, the issue tends to be targeted towards people of color and minorities. There are more violent attacks or hate crimes in our nation, so racism is publicized and wide-spread throughout social media or news platforms.

The afternoon was filled with productive discussions and workshops among the various groups that Awty organized to stimulate interactions between students at different grade levels and from both the International and French programs. Students debated their opinions on various scenarios or statements, and then tied the movie to real-life as well as the community at Awty. After the meaningful day sadly came to an end, students went home and shared what they learned and experienced as a result of this day that was dedicated to something special rather than just the daily classes.

Waugh hopes to continue these kinds of initiatives more often in the future so students and teachers can use the opportunity to dive deeper into other global issues. He also would like to involve the student body more and wants to incorporate the planning of these events into the Student Council’s projects. Either way, stay tuned for future events that encompass Awty’s mission of inclusivity and diversity.

2019-2020 Student ambassadors

The Awty Student Ambassadors support the Admissions Office by enthusiastically welcoming prospective students and their families to their school. Throughout the year, applicants to the Secondary School will meet them on student-led tours, at our annual Open House, during admitted student Shadow Visit Days, and at various other events.

Awty Student Ambassadors are students in good standing, engaged in their education, involved in the school community, and respected by their peers and the faculty. They model the school’s values and embody the school’s vision and mission of preparing students to live, lead, and work anywhere in the world, wherever their passions and talents should lead them.

Meet our Student Ambassador Leadership Team

Noémie Dott
12th Grade

Alex Daube
11th Grade
Vice President

Joseph Abounohra
12th Grade
Training and Marketing Chair

Giselle Henry
12th Grade
Operations and Scheduling Chair

Andrew Farrant
10th Grade
Training and Marketing Officer

Vivian Wu
11th Grade
Training Chair

Kenady Scott
12th Grade
Training and Marketing Officer

Sanam Sharafkhaneh
11th Grade
Training and Marketing Officer

Karen Martinez Perez
12th Grade
Training and Marketing Officer

Cynthia Deem
11th Grade
Operations Officer

Zara Amjad
11th Grade
Operations Officer

Yasemin Dundar
10th Grade
Operations Officer

Om Satapathy
11th Grade
Operations Officer


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