Optional Summer Programs for Returning Students

August 20
First Day of School for Upper School

August 21
First Day of School for Middle School

August 24
First Day of School for Lower School & 1st Grade/CP (at the ELC)

August 25
First Day of School for Kinder/GS

August 26
First Day of School for PK4/MS

August 27
First Day of School for PK3/PS


Kate Adams
Lisa Aguillon
Erica Aguirre
Tiffinay Al-Maqtari
Erika Arslan
Julie Audren-Etur
Awty Cinematography Club
Mike Baker
Tom Beuscher
Myriam Bouvet
Ines Bravo
Tesla Cadena
Nuria Campos
Eric Carlos
Maureen Chaouch
Class of 2020
Lisa Darling
Don Davis
Ronda Devins
Terence Dumas
Richard Durst
Carolin Escobar
Crystal Frommert
Monica Fulton
Marta Garcia-Hirschfeld
Melissa Halow
Mohamed Hamza
Séverine Ireland
Nicolas Jadot
The Jason Family
Laura Kalfon
The Kibsgaard-Peterson Family
Brent Lamers
Beverly Lawson
Lauren Linn
Olivier Logette
Tim Long
Camilla Mangal
Maria Lysaker Photography
Connie Masera
Angela Maxwell
Tricia McFarlin
Jolyn McLaughlin
Jill Munk
Carol Nash
Ana Maria Nicolae
Chantel Olufsen
Pierre Poupard
Pierre Puget
Suneeta Rangwani
David Rea
Valentina Remond
Naomi Rinche
Romain Roussel
Christine Schoaps
Steve Scott
Senior Committee
Stephanie Sermas
Sofia Sescosse
Bleuenn Simon
Robert Sload
Ginger Stone
Super Video Productions, Inc.
Chrissy Tkacz
United Nations Association - USA
Anita Wolfsteiner
Marianne Wolfsteiner
Vivian Wu
Lindsay Youngdahl
Sophie Zimmermann

Many thanks also to each one of our employees, families, and students who provided stories, photos, and/or videos during the distance learning period.


Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2020 issue of ACCENT. Inside this issue, we spotlight our amazing Awty Class of 2020. We also feature the school's incredible overnight transition to remote learning, success stories among both the faculty and the student body, and employee comings and goings.




awty's class of 2020

While none of us could have ever dreamed the Class of 2020 would end their high school careers quarantined, our senior/terminale students did so with sacrifice, courage, grace, remarkable resilience, and maturity. As they embark on their next journey, we would like to take this last opportunity to put the spotlight on the Class of 2020. Out of 142 graduates, 128 have shared what they will miss the most about Awty and their favorite Awty memory, as well as their plans after Awty. >>READ MORE

Awty graduates, you did it, and we are all so proud of you! Several members of your Awty family wanted to share some kind words, well wishes, and congratulatory messages with you. Click here to read those messages now.


Even virtually, some of our students, teachers, alums, and families rose above the crowd! These members of the Awty Community deserve a standing ovation and a round of applause. >>READ MORE


During March 2020, virtual classrooms and home offices became our reality and the new normal. Awty students, teachers, staff members, and families rose to the challenge, never missed a beat, and switched to distance learning practically overnight. Students quickly adapted to the new environment, teachers and staff learned to work alongside new "colleagues and assistants", and our families took on dual roles as both parents and co-teachers. Together, we did it, and you all should be proud of a job well done! Let's take a look back at some of the big moments while quarantined. >>READ MORE


Here, we provide a quick glance at our new full-time faculty, staff members, and administrators who have been hired since the end of February 2020, as well as a list of employees who are leaving Awty at the end of the school year to pursue new adventures. >>READ MORE