The Awty International School is committed to educating its students about sustainability, and to fostering in its students the importance of contributing to the community. Through working together, the students learn to respect each other and their environment. This belief is reflected in the words of Awty's founder Mrs. Kathleen "Kay" Awty:

“We would hope that from this tiny spot in this great world, we can send out concepts of children and students and adults working together in a spirit of regard and respect. We can hope that these concepts of relationships based on respect and acceptance will form cornerstones for the attitudes of these same young people when they become the world adults of tomorrow.” (September 1978)

The respect of self, individuals, and the environment, as well as the importance of contributing to community, are the fundamental principles of Awty’s sustainability program. The mission of Awty’s sustainability program, or it’s Eco Code, is to:

  • Reduce our negative environmental impact
  • Become a more sustainable school
  • Raise awareness of sustainability issues among students, staff, and parents
  • Inspire students and staff to take action in their community
  • Challenge students to come up with innovative solutions to environmental problems
  • Educate students and staff on environmental issues and solutions

Awty is a Bronze Award recipient of the Eco-Schools program. The Eco-Schools program is an international organization that accredits schools demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

For more information about the sustainability activities at the ELC or LS, please contact Diana Galindo or Federica Simon. For more information about MS and US activities, contact Awty Sustainability Coordinator Olivier Logette.

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