Parent Volunteering

Parents are an integral part of the success of The Awty International School. Parental involvement in student activities, sporting events, and school functions is the best way to experience the richness of the Awty community and to actively participate in the educational support of your student.

We encourage parents to complete the Abuse Prevention training and participate in the Awty community by accompanying your child on a field trip, helping plan an event, attending a jazz concert, chairing a booth at the International Festival, cheering at a soccer game, joining the APPA, or experiencing Houston with Awty Cultural Connections. You are encouraged to participate where it makes sense for you.

If you wish to be part of the Awty community of volunteers, but are not sure where you fit, we can help! Regardless of your time commitment or availability, we have a place for anyone who wants to volunteer. For more information, contact Kimberly King or complete the Volunteer Interest Form. To get started today with your background check and volunteer training, click here.