Houston’s Premier PK3 – 12th Grade International Day School

Parent Volunteering

Parents are an integral part of the success of The Awty International School. Parental involvement in student activities, sporting events, and school functions is the best way to experience the richness of the Awty community and to actively participate in the educational support of your student.

There are many different ways to get involved to connect you in to the Awty community: accompany your child on a field trip, help plan an event, attend a jazz concert, chair a booth at the International Festival, cheer at a soccer game, join the APPA, play Saturday morning tennis, or experience Houston with Awty Cultural Connections…There are ample opportunities for everyone to join the Awty family of faculty, staff, students, and parents.

We encourage you to share your time, talent, and energy to enhance student learning opportunities, make connections with faculty, and create lasting friendships. Parents are always welcome at Awty!

If you wish to be part of the Awty community of volunteers, but are not sure where you fit, we can help! Regardless of your time commitment or availability, we have a place for anyone who wants to volunteer. For more information, contact Jill Munk and click here to get started today with your background check and volunteer training.

The Awty Annual Fund

A gift to The Awty Annual Fund is the first and most important gift we ask of our families. Volunteers help us raise over $800,000 each year by serving as ambassadors for the fund. This includes educating community members on the importance of giving, hosting events, and encouraging others to give.

Awty Gala

Each year over 50 volunteers dedicate their time and energy in various ways to ensure the success of the Awty Gala, our largest annual fundraising event at Awty. From online auctions to grade level baskets to writing thank you notes, our volunteers truly make this event special for the entire community, while helping us reach our goal of $550,000.


The Parent Ambassador Network is a group of wonderful parent representatives who supports the Admissions team. Ambassadors are trained to offer campus tours and serve as hosts at a variety of admissions events. They attract families to Awty by spreading the word about our amazing school while sharing stories that bring joy and excitement as they witness their children’s personal, linguistic, and academic growth.

Awty Parents and Personnel Association (APPA)

The APPA is the main volunteer organization at The Awty International School. It oversees parent involvement at all grade levels, as well as hosting several Awty community building events. All parents are welcomed as part of the APPA and are encouraged to participate.

Awty Dads Club

The Awty Dads Club provides a community for Dads to socialize, as well as to support the development and cultivation of the school and its mission. The Awty Dads Club organizes fun, casual social and networking events throughout the year that are open to all Awty parents. They are a great place to meet the club officers, Awty class representatives, and other Awty dads.

Fine Arts Booster Club

Awty's Fine Arts Booster Club (FABC) is a group of Awty parents, faculty, and staff who are dedicated to working for the advancement of the arts at Awty. The FABC's main goal is to provide financial and moral support to the various fine arts programs and activities offered at the school. Students also have the opportunity to participate in performances and exhibitions at public venues, inter-school competitions, and other events so as to create a bridge to the larger world outside of school life.

Rams Booster Club

Awty's Athletics department benefits from the hard work and energetic support of parents who volunteer for the Awty Rams Booster Club. The Awty Rams Booster Club supports, promotes, and fundraises for all sports teams (Middle School and Upper School). We encourage and recognize high scholastic achievement, sportsmanship, and character of our student athletes. The Booster club actively encourages a positive environment through parents and volunteer participation.