* Required

I state that my child, whose name appears below and who is entering the Early Learning Campus at The Awty International School, is potty trained and has mastered the following functions:

  1. Ability to recognize the sensations associated with needing to use the restroom;
  2. Ability to express verbally the need to use the restroom;
  3. Ability to control the need until he/she is on the toilet;
  4. Ability to undress and dress independently; and
  5. Ability to clean oneself

I understand the above functions must be mastered in order for my child to attend The Awty International School, and Awty reserves the right to ask the student be removed from the school for the remainder of the school year or until such functions described above have been mastered to the satisfaction of the Awty staff.

I understand The Awty International School reserves the right to deny tuition reimbursement for children who enter the Early Learning Campus and do not meet the criteria for the described above.

Grade child is entering​​​ / ​Niveau auquel accède l'élève​​​​