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Annual Fund FAQ

These are some frequently asked questions about giving to the Awty Annual Fund each year.

What is the Annual Fund?

The Awty Annual Fund is unrestricted support for the school, representing 4% of the annual operating budget. Awty Annual Fund dollars go to work right away to ensure our faculty and staff receive vital training, our students have access to cutting edge technology in the classroom, our facilities nurture student exploration and learning, students from diverse and international backgrounds have equal access to an Awty education, and to support artistic and athletic greatness.

Why is a high participation rate in the Annual Fund so important?

Your gift to The Awty Annual Fund is how you show your love for this school. All independent schools aim for 100% participation from their current parents, faculty and staff. They also want to show high participation rates from their alumni, alumni parents, and grandparents. High participation is looked at as a “vote of confidence” and is usually a requirement to receive corporate support and grants from foundations.

What is an appropriate gift?

First and foremost, we want you to know any and all gifts to The Awty Annual Fund are welcome and appreciated. That being said, we need a minimum gift of $825 from each family in order to meet our goal for the year. We recognize this is more than some families are able to contribute and other families will be able to give much more. We want each donor to make a gift that is meaningful and reflective of their philanthropic potential.

We also want to recognize our donors at all levels on the donor spectrum. Our newly implemented 1956 Society recognizes donors who make truly transformational gifts to the school each year. If you are able, we hope you will consider joining the 1956 Society by making your leadership gift of $1,956 or more.

I donate to the APPA, The Booster Club and/or the Gala. Am I still expected to make an Annual Fund gift?

Yes. We ask that your yearly giving begin with your gift to The Awty Annual Fund. Your Awty Annual Fund gift should serve as the foundation of your Awty philanthropic giving. Other areas of giving at the school are considered “restricted”. The Awty Annual Fund is the purest form of philanthropy at Awty.

How can I make my gift?

CLICK HERE to make a gift online via credit card or your school account.

You may mail a check to the Awty business office (please specify "Annual Fund" on your check).

See Giving Options for information of donating stock, remembering Awty in your will, and many other giving opportunities.

Can I break my pledge into several payments?

Absolutely! We can make arrangements for you to pay your pledge quarterly or monthly. All pledge payments are due by April 30. Please let us know how we can help make this work best for you!

We gave in April of 2015 and if we give now what school year are we giving to and how does it affect taxes?

The school year and tax years are not the same and so as we raise funds for Awty right now, it is based on the school year 2015-2016. However, if you donated in April of 2015 and again in October of 2015, you would have contributed to both school years, but your tax benefits would be all for 2015. For those families who would like the tax credit in 2016, we are seeing many families pledging their amount now, so we can move forward with soliciting grants and funds from corporations and foundations, but are instructing the school not to start the payment until after January 1, 2016 so they have the tax benefit for next year.

photo of chantel olufson, director of development at the awty international school

If you have questions, or would like assistance in planning your Awty philanthropic giving, please contact:

Assistant Director of Annual Giving