2018 Awty Gala - Sea the World

Gala Co-chairs Pauline Huen, Glenna Sharafeldin, and Tara Tracy hosted the 2018 Awty Gala, Sea the World, on Saturday, March 3, 2018 at The Ballroom at Bayou Place. Over 500 guests were transported to an underwater paradise as we celebrated the wonderful global community that is The Awty International School.

Thank You to our 2018 Sponsors and Underwriters


Coral Sea - $50,000

Arabian Sea - $25,000

Exxon Mobil



Caribbean Sea - $15,000
Air Liquide

Tellurian Inc.

South China Sea - $10,000

Gautam V. Gopinath and Mrs. Pauline Huen, Mr. and Mrs. Khaled A. Sharafeldin,
and Mr. and Mrs. Eric Tracy

Bering Sea - $5,000
Mrs. Amanda B. Croft and Mr. Blair Woodward, Mr. and Mrs. Mauricio del Valle,
Mr. Jeff Newhook and Dr. Milena Newhook, Mr. and Mrs. Bryon A. Rice, and
Mr. Peter E. Weidler and Mrs. Diana M. Galindo

Mr. Omar Ghandour and Mrs. Shoa K. Zuri, Dr. Zaid Amr and Ms. Dina Ghazzawi Amr,
Dr. Hani A. Said and Mrs. Dalia L. Moftah, and Dr. Amir Zegar and Dr. Ketam Hamdan

Mr. Kevin Howard

JE Dunn

Dr. Vinodh A. Kumar and Dr. Nashat Latib, Mr. and Mrs. Akbar Mohamed,
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio R. Sanchez III, Mr. Stephen B. Summers and Mr. Glen Gonzalez,
Mr. Monsour Taghdisi and Mr. Henry Richardson,
and Mr. and Mrs. Salim Zakhem

Mr. and Mme Dominique Laborde

Mr. and Mrs. Saahir M. Ramji

Susan and Fayez Sarofim

Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Schroeder

Dr. Jay Shenaq and Mr. Amir Shenaq


Couples Sponsorships - $1,000
Dr. Omar B. Alvi and Dr. Fawzia Javed
Dr. Kenneth G. Berliner and Dr. Shauna Berliner
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Broughton
Mr. Luis F. Cabrera Vega and Mrs. Zenia B. Quintana Razo
Dr. Tarek Fahl and Mrs. Nadia Fahl
Mr. Justin T. Fojtik and Dr. Krystal R. Batchelor
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Frontczak
Mr. Nicolae Horodinca and Dr. Sarah K. Nicholas
J.P. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Brent M.
Prof. Guven E. Keles and Dr. Elvin Aydin Keles
Ms. Christine Kirchner and Mr. Kenneth Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Langlois
Monty & Ramirez, LLC
Dr. Christopher D. Morris and Dr. Suzie H. Chang
Ms. Renata Moura
Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Patman
Mr. Cesaltino Pedro and Mrs. Eskedar B. Shawel
Mr. Eduardo Salomon and Mrs. Carolina Simon de Salomon
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Strachan


White Wine & Auctioneer - Mr. and Mrs. Eric Tracy
Online Auction - Mission Laïque Française
VIP Party - Ms. Christine Kirchner and Mr. Kenneth Stanley
Red Wine - Shepley Bulfinch
Table Host Gifts
- Mr. Cesaltino Pedro and Mrs. Eskedar B. Shawel
Valet Service - Mr. Dodd L. Hackman and Dr. Elena I. Hackman
Favors - The Reyna Group
Auction Ringmen - Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Gatto, Jr.
Reception Music - Dr. and Mrs. Gabriel R. Wilson
Special Characters - Mr. Sebastiano Andina and Mrs. Federica Simon
Master of Ceremonies - Ramji Law Group
Dance Floor - Dr. Adam Ramji and Mrs. Mona Ramji
VIP Mermaid - Mr. Vincent Y. Chen and Mr. Francesc Ribas
Lead Dancers - PurePoint Financial

** Individual table gifts provided by CAPS & bold. **


A.W.G. Dewar, Inc.
La Caravedo
Dominique Moran
Maisons Marques & Domaines