Sociables FAQ

Sociable - so·cia·ble - n - a fun event in which Awty families get together and enjoy a great night of fun, food, or entertainment. Hosted by Awty families with expertise in various foods, wines and/or a special interest; these events are not to be missed. Awty Sociables are highly prized and are in attendance. You can attend a sociable only if you sign up for them in the online auction or at the Awty Gala. Sociables do come with a warning - they are very addictive.

Okay, so now you know! These sociables are a great way to meet other Awty families that share similar interest in food, sports, wine, and cooking. You will be surprised at the caliber of cooks, chefs, wine enthusiasts, hosts and hostesses we have in our midst. We hope you will join in the fun and try to make it to some of our Sociables this year.


How can I sign up for a sociable?
They will be available in the online auction, prior to the 2020 Awty Gala. Those that have not sold out will be available at the Awty Gala, in the cocktail reception space before we go into the main ballroom for dinner.

Will I be able to sign up with friends?
All Awty families are eligible to attend sociable. You and friends are welcome to sign up for the same ones.

This will be our first time going to a sociable, which one is the best?
Go with your stomach ... oops, I mean your heart. Definitely choose a sociable based on what you love to eat and do. There are some sociables that are "brought back by popular demand." That should be a big hint as to their success and then there are others hosted by people you know are experts in the events they are hosting.

Questions? Contact Lauren Linn, Director of Philanthropic Events for more information.


lauren linn, director of events

Director of Special Events

The Awty Gala is a yearly fundraising black tie event for parents, faculty and staff occurring each spring that is produced by a large committee of parents (the Gala Committee) in partnership with the Awty Advancement Office.