Fine Arts Booster Club

Choir. Art. Drama. Orchestra. Band. Photography. Dance.

The Fine Arts Booster Club (FABC) is a group of Awty parents, faculty, and staff who are dedicated to working for the advancement of the arts at Awty. The FABC's main goal is to provide financial and moral support to the various fine arts programs and activities offered at the school.

We are proud of our artists. At Awty, we value the creative spirit of our students, offering lessons in visual arts, band, orchestra, photography, choir, drama, and theatre production. Students also have the opportunity to participate in performances and exhibitions at public venues, inter-school competitions, and other events so as to create a bridge to the larger world outside of school life.

Thank you. The FABC is grateful to its donors, members, and volunteers. Their generosity has made it possible for the FABC to gift Awty with various capital improvements, such as:

* Completion of the Fine Arts Recital Hall construction
* Lockers for band instruments
* Stage/dance floor for the Fine Arts Recital Hall
* Instruments for the Lower School instrumental ensemble
* Lighting system for the Fine Arts Recital Hall

In addition, the FABC was able to create a capital reserve fund with an initial deposit of $10,000, as contribution towards Awty’s future performing arts center. The fund will be grown each year based on the results of the FABC’s fund raising efforts.

Join us. Let us continue to make a difference. Become part of FABC's growing community of fine arts friends. We have many exciting projects throughout the year such as fundraisers, social events, and assisting in student performances. The Fine Arts Canteen, an after-school snack bar, is a wonderful way to meet other parents, work with students, and at the same time raise funds. Through these efforts, the FABC hopes to ensure that the Awty community can benefit from a thriving Arts program that will continue to enrich the lives of its artists.

Everyone at Awty is welcome to join the Fine Arts Booster Club. Membership is voluntary and inclusive. Volunteer help is always needed.

For questions, comments, or to volunteer, click here to contact us.

"Fine Art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together."

- John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)