Awty Parents & Personnel Association

The Awty Parents and Personnel Association (APPA) is the main volunteer organization at The Awty International School. It serves as the parent's voice to the school, and works to represent the views of its members across the Awty community. APPA meetings are open to everyone and attendance is encouraged.

The purpose of the APPA is as follows:

  • To promote understanding and cooperation between the parents, the students attending the school, and the school's administration and faculty;
  • To maintain a permanent dialogue between the parents and the administration of the school and its faculty in order to promote understanding and cooperation between them;
  • To promote cultural, artistic, social, recreational, athletic, fundraising, or other activities for the benefit of the school community;
  • To provide a forum at periodic meetings for the discussion of matters of common interest concerning the school community; and
  • To support the school in its educational objectives consistent with the standards and methods in use both in France and in the U.S.

APPA Membership Fee
As a convenience to our families, the APPA membership fee is automatically added to the August billing. This insures that each family receives all applicable discounts and advantages afforded to its members. The focus of the APPA is to support our students and staff with volunteer and financial resources and counts on your membership to help enhance the education of all of our students.


APPA President
Cecile Roux

VP French
Géraldine Tardieu

VP International
Joanna Strachan

Nahla Kalra

Ashley Ales Rice


Paige Alamshenas