APPA Bylaws

Revised: May 2010


The name of the organization shall be the “Awty International School Parents and Teacher Organization” herein referred to as “Awty’s PTO”. Within the school, Awty’s PTO is known as the APPA and will therefore be indifferently referred to as either the APPA or Awty’s PTO.

Article 2: Purpose

The purpose of Awty’s PTO shall be:

  • To promote understanding and cooperation between the parents, the students attending the school and the administration and faculty;
  • To maintain a permanent dialogue between the parents and the administration of the school and its faculty in order to promote understanding and cooperation between them;
  • To promote cultural, artistic, social, recreational, athletic, fundraising or other activities for the benefit of the school community;
  • To provide a forum at periodic meetings for the discussion of matters of common interest concerning the school community; and
  • To support the school in its educational objectives consistent with the standards and methods in use both in France and in the US.

Article 3: Membership

All parents are members of Awty’s PTO. Personnel may become members by paying a fee that is determined by the school.

Article 4: Board

4.1 The Board shall be the governing body of this Organization.

4.2 The Board shall consist of the Officers of the Organization, the Standing Committee and Event Chairmen.

4.3 The Officers of the Board shall consist of:

  • The President,
  • The President-Elect, who shall have children in the French section if the President has children in the International section and vice-versa,
  • Two Vice-Presidents, one with children in the French section and the other with children in the International section,
  • Eight Liaisons representing the French and International Sections of the School Division,
    • 2 Pre-School (pre K3 to K) Liaisons, one with children in the International section, one with children in the French section,
    • 2 Lower School (grades 1-5) Liaisons , one with children in the French section and one with children in the International section,
    • 2 Middle School (grades 6-8) Liaisons, one with children in the French section and one with children in the International section,
    • 2 Upper School (grades 9-12) Liaisons, one with children in the French section and one with children in the International section,
  • The Secretary,
  • The Treasurer,
  • The Parliamentarian.

The past president will be an Ex-officio voting member of the Organization.

4.4 Elections and Terms of Office

Each officer shall be a member of the Organization, and with the exception of the Secretary and Treasurer, who shall be designated by the Executive Committee from time to time, shall be elected by a majority of the votes cast by the membership of the Organization present, in person or by written proxy, at the annual spring meeting of the Organization, and, shall serve for a term of two (2) years. Officers shall serve until their successor is duly elected.

An officer who has served a full term may succeed himself/herself for 1 (one) additional term of one (1) year.

The president may not run for reelection.

4.5 Vacancies

(a) A vacancy in the office of President will be filled for the unexpired term by the Vice-President of his section. If the vacancy occurs during the first year of the presidency, the Vice-President will need to run for election at the annual spring meeting. If elected, his term of office will be of 1 year.

(b) A vacancy in any other elected office may be filled for the unexpired term by a parent designated by the Vice-Presidents.

Article 5: Duties of the Officers of the Organization

5.1 The President shall preside at all meetings of the Organization. The President shall act as spokesperson for the Organization in the conduct of its business with the Proviseur, the Head of School as well as with the Trustees of the school.

He/She shall represent the Organization at the monthly Board of Trustees meetings, and report back to the Organization.

5.2 The President Elect

The President Elect shall become familiar with the duties of the President, including but not limited to coordinating with the school division Liaisons.

5.3 The Vice-Presidents

The Vice-Presidents shall fulfill the President’s responsibilities in his/her absence, on a rotating basis, and as may be determined by the President. They shall also coordinate with the Liaisons and fill Standing Committee and Event Chair positions.

5.4 The Liaisons

The Liaisons shall:

  • act as a liaison between the Organization’s Board and the Room Parents;
  • act as a liaison between Heads of School Divisions and Room Parents;
  • recruit parents to assist Standing Committee Chairs of the Organization’s Board; and
  • recruit parents to chair specific events or activities.

The liaisons of the school shall be responsible for representing their respective Room Parents within the Organization and for the coordination of all activities concerning their respective sections and grade levels.

They shall attend regular monthly meetings with the Division Heads and report back to the Organization and to the school community.

5.5 The Secretary

The secretary shall be responsible for the general correspondence of the Organization, shall dispatch notices of meetings, record and keep minutes of all meetings of the organization and shall keep such other records and shall perform such duties as are appropriate to such office or as may be assigned by the President.

The Secretary shall also maintain a current list of all the Board members of the organization, together with addresses and phone numbers.

5.6 The Treasurer

The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate accounts of the funds, present monthly reports of the funds, and shall present an Annual Financial Report at the Spring annual meeting.

5.7 The Parliamentarian/Historian

The Parliamentarian/Historian will maintain a record of the documents and events through the current year and past years, and shall perform such duties as are appropriate to such office or as may be assigned by the President.

Article 6: Room Parents

6.1 Ideally, there shall be two (2) room parents selected from each class at the school, and from each section, or a lesser or greater number if more or less wish to serve.

6.2 The names will be collected at beginning of the year and a slate proposed by the liaisons, approved by the President and submitted to Head of school and the Proviseur for information.

6.3 The Room parents are intended to constitute the most direct connection between the members of the Organization and the members the schools Administration, facilitating communications between the school and the parents in each class.

6.4 Vacancies in the office of any room parent may be filled for the unexpired portion of the term by a parent designated by the Liaison of that specific grade level and section.


7.1 The Executive Committee shall conduct the day to day business of the Organization and shall report to its Board. It shall have the right to approve all appointments to the Organization’s Board.

7.2 The executive committee of the Organization (‘the Executive Committee”) shall consist of the President, The President-Elect, The Vice-Presidents, the Secretary, the Treasurer, The Parliamentarian and Ex-Offico members of the Board.


8.1 There shall be three Annual meetings of the entire membership of the Organization: one to take place in the fall of each school year, the other in the winter and the last in the spring of the school year. These meetings are to take place at the school.

8.2 Special Meetings of the entire membership may be called at any time by either the President, or upon request of a majority of the current members of the Executive Committee of the Organization.

8.3 Regular Meetings of the Organization will be held monthly and at a regularly scheduled time and place. All members of the Organization may participate and attend Regular Meetings.

8.4 Notice of Special Meetings shall be given in writing at least five days prior to the meeting

Article 9: Elections

9.1 The President of the Organization shall appoint a five (5) member Nominating Committee in the Spring. The current President shall be an ex-officio (non-voting) member of this committee.

9.2 The Nominating Committee shall nominate at least one eligible person for each Executive Committee position. It shall report the names of the nominees at the spring Board Meeting. At said meeting other nominations may be made from the board members provided the consent of the nominee has been secured.

9.3 The Nomination Committee shall conduct the election and certify the results.


When necessary, a special committee shall be appointed by the President to review and suggest revisions to the by-laws.

Amendments can be made only by the Organization’s Board. Notice of a proposed amendment shall be given to the Organization’s Board members at least five days prior to the meeting held for such purpose.

Amendments shall require a two-thirds majority of the votes cast, a quorum (2/3 of the membership) being present.