Rams Booster Volunteer Opportunities

Booster Bistro Volunteers - Help in the morning for around two hours on a certain shift (once a week or once every other week) selling snacks during MS and US break out of the Booster Bistro in the Gym

Board Member - We are meeting once a month with the Athletics Director discussing current and upcoming events, needs of the Athletics Department and encouraging Awty Spirit through out the school

Concession Stand Volunteer - The Concession Stand out at Awty’s Stadium is open during Homecoming, several Track Meets and other special events. We give you the opportunity to help selling food and drinks during these times.

Spirit T-Shirts - Selling Spirit T-Shirts during MS and US lunch break in the beginning of the school year.

Homecoming - Decorating the Awty Field (stadium) for Homecoming and selling tickets at the entrance.

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